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What is the best Throttle Controller?

We might be biased but after testing the EliteDrive Throttle Master on multiple vehicles, on and off-road our team of mechanics believes we've found the best throttle controller on the market.Ā  And here's why!

smart throttle controller with app

The EliteDrive Throttle Master has 9 modes and over 50 adjustable throttle settings, it is easy to install and easy to program. This throttle controller eliminates throttle lag instantly and has a setting for every driving situation.Ā Ā 

What does a throttle controller do?

Essentially a throttle controller reduces the throttle lag in response between the pedal to the engine.Ā Ā In a typical car when you push down on the pedal, the throttle body will only open at a certain speed based on the manufacturer's specifications.Ā  A throttle controller connects to your throttle pedal and intercepts the original signal and advances this in a way that removes the initial throttle delay.Ā 

See how easy the EliteDrive Power Module is to install!

Does a throttle controller give you more power?

In situations where you may ask for more throttle, the vehicle ECU quite often decides how much more power you receive. A throttle controller works to override this according to the settings on the device.

The EliteDrive Throttle MasterĀ attaches to your throttle pedal and intercepts the original signal and advances this in a way that removes the initial throttle delay. With smart innovative technology the Throttle Master mapping, the system adjusts the signal so you can turn the throttle up or down to suit your driving conditions.

Do I need a Throttle controller?

Most vehicles will benefit from installing a throttle controller. Depending on your vehicle type and how and where you plan to drive the vehicle will determine how much benefit you'll receive from the throttle controller. But with this device your will get the best throttle response time from the accelerator pedal.

What modes does the EliteDrive Throttle Master have?

There are 9 factory throttle settings in the Throttle Master.Ā  The NEW EliteDrive Smart Throttle Controller also has Rumble Mode, and can be controlled by a bluetooth wireless app on your phone.

Normal Mode

This is the vehicle's factory throttle settings.

4x4 Mode

When driving offroad, the biggest issue can be too much power or torque delivered at the wrong time. In 4x4 Mode youā€™ll find thereā€™s a lot more control over the delivery of every hp, and youā€™ll avoid surging when driving over bumpy ground. This ultimate mode will give you greater control and will help eliminate wheel spin, by providing the optimum pedal pressure.

Economy Mode

Driving in town with lots of stop/start traffic causes us to use more fuel than necessary when accelerating away from the lights. For greater fuel economy use the Economy Mode and the device will manage throttle response so youā€™ll be able to more carefully meter the fuel use and use less fuel as a result. There are 10 levels of adjustment in Economy Mode to suit your driving the best.

Sports and Sports + Modes

Standard Sport Mode will increase throttle response, with faster acceleration and provide maximum speed. This mode eliminates throttle delay while seeking a balance between sporty and regular response. The Sports+ Mode will increase throttle response even more. This throttle input is suitable for highway, uphill, and track driving.

Lock Anti Theft Mode

Add another layer of protection to your vehicle with our new Throttle Lock Mode that you set with your own personal Pin Code. The vehicleā€™s pedal will not operate when the throttle is locked, even with the engine running

Towing Mode

One of our exclusive modes is TOW Mode. This setting delivers unparalleled levels of torque delivery when you need it while driving with a heavy load. We developed this unique mode to make towing easier and ultimately safer. Set and Forget.

Why do I need a throttle controller?

What quicker throttle response, save fuel, or better performance under tow or off-road, then yes you do need throttle response controllers. Other methods of changing the vehicle's performance can be costly and throttle controller systems offer incredibly reliable and economical solutions that improve the performance. The EliteDrive throttle controllers provide perfect control for any DIY mechanic or vehicle enthusiast. In twenty minutes you can transform your vehicle.

How to install the throttle response controller?

  1. Power down the vehicle for 15 minutes before installation

  2. Unplug the original pedal input connector

  3. Insert the EliteDrive adaptor into the original pedal input socket

  4. Insert the original pedal input connector into the EliteDrive adaptor

  5. Stick the display on the dashboard where convenient and easy to view

  6. Run the cable to the dashboard and plug into the throttle response controller

what is the best throttle controller

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