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Toyota Hilux Parts & Aftermarket Accessories 

Discover a world of exceptional Toyota Hilux aftermarket accessories at Brixton 4x4. Our selection of upgrades and enhancements for Toyota Hilux Revo and Vigo models is designed to elevate your off-road experience. Explore a wide range of Toyota Hilux accessories tailored to enhance your Toyota Hilux's performance, style, and functionality.

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Elevate Your Off-Roading Experience

At Brixton 4x4, we offer a curated collection of  Hilux accessories that cater to the diverse needs of Hilux enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to boost your vehicle's capabilities, add stylish upgrades, or improve its functionality, we have you covered.

Unleash the Potential of Your Toyota Hilux

Enhance your Toyota Hilux with a variety of accessories, including:

  1. Bull Bars: Protect your vehicle while adding a rugged look to your Hilux - Hilux bull bars & bumpers
  2. Suspension Upgrades: Improve off-road handling and ride comfort - Hilux suspension, air bags and lift kits
  3. Lighting Solutions: Illuminate your path with powerful lighting options - Hilux light bars and driving lights
  4. Towbars - 
  5. Bash Plates: Protections and style with underbody protection - Hilux Bash Plates
Get your truck ready for outdoor adventures with the Toyota Hilux parts and aftermarket accessories collection. Whatever your adventure, our range of Hilux aftermarket accessories are designed to make your vehicle more durable, comfortable and more stable. The brands we sell are known and trusted, brands our team would happily use on our own vehicles. If you''re lokking for Hilux parts & Hilux aftermarket accessories, Brixton 4x4 is your one stop shop. Suitable Toyota Hilux models may include Gen 8, Revo, Vigo, Rugged X, Workmate, Rogue, SR and SR5.
Toyota Hilux Accessories Available;
Toyota Hilux accessories


Looking to upgrade your Toyota Hilux wheels, rims or tyres? Look no further as Brixton has a huge range of rims and tyres to fit your truck and furthermore, we understand your Hilux needs and can provide you with all the hilux aftermarket accessories you're looking for. We make sure that your truck has good looking and durable tyres and rims. We take pride in providing you with a wide range of vehicle finishes from numerous reputable brands such as Fuel Offroad. We highly recommend the Fuel Offroad Vector Wheels in matte black as a perfect Toyota Hilux aftermarket rim accessory.

A range of rims and alloy wheels may be available for various Toyota models such as Gen8, Revo, Vigo, Rugged X and Rogue. 

We stock the following wheel and tyre brands. Click to check out the aftermarket options for your Toyota Hilux...


Toyota Hilux rims wheels tyres aftermarket accessories



Thinking of going bigger with your tyres and wheels? Getting a set of off set fender flares is a must have upgrade for your Toyota Hilux. It's one of our top upgrades for hilux aftermarket accessories. The biggest benefit of fitting a set of fender flares is the ability to get a larger guard size and therefore fit larger and wider wheels on your Toyota Hilux. Overall, fender flares are an excellent Hilux accessory for any truck. They'll make your truck look more aggressive plus have the added benefits of protecting your vehicle from mud, rocks and debris. Fender flares come in matt black or you can even get the flares colour matched to your vehicle.

We stock reputable brand EGR which are designed and manufactured in Australia and offer the best in-class design and quality for your Toyota Hilux. Get your truck a long-lasting and affordable set of fender flares and other hilux aftermarket accessories from Brixton 4x4 & Adventure. 

 Toyota Hilux fender flares aftermarket accessories



Adding a snorkel to your Toyota Hilux is an excellent outdoor adventure must-have accessory. We stock a range of snorkels from the reliable brand Safari. These durable and reliable products combine excellent function for a unique look. The Safari V-Spec snorkels are the traditional Safari Snorkel range. Manufactured in Australia from Safari’s own Industrial Spec UV Stabilised Polyethylene, the Safari snorkels are among the best options for handling rough weather. The Air Ram is designed to remove the maximum volume of water from the incoming air stream, while delivering the maximum airflow to your vehicle’s engine. By rotating the air ram to face away from the prevailing wind/direction of motion, the air ram delivers additional protection from the elements. They also come with a Life Time warranty*. Install a snorkel on your Hilux today!
May be suitable for Toyota Hilux models such as Gen8, Revo, Vigo, Workmate, SR, SR5, SR7, Rugged X and Rogue. 
Toyota Hilux safari snorkel aftermarket accessories


We offers a great range of bull bar, bumper-bar and nudge bar models for your Hilux, the Rival 4x4 & EFS 4x4 Aftermarket Accessories. Rival bumper is an innovative new Toyota Hilux aftermarket accessory. It increases the durability, style, and maneuverability off-road of the Hilux. The Rival bumpers are made in Russia and include anchor points, LED lighting, are winch compatible and come with a flip license plate cover to access installed winches.
The EFS 4x4 Accessories range of bull bars & bumpers are design in Australia for our harsh and varied environment & Australian market. We highly recommend EFS for your hilux aftermarket accessories, especially when it comes to hilux bumper bars. Featuring the Pioneer Bull Bar, sturdy and popular Stockman Bull Bar and their newest addition the Xcape Bumper. All the range of EFS Hilux bull bar can be fitted with LED light bar, spot lights or winches. Check out our range of Toyota Hilux bumper bars here. 
Toyota Hilux bumper aftermarket accessory 



If you are hitting the rough roads or off-roading, you need protection for your Toyota Hilux underbody such as bash plate from rocks, logs and other objects that may intrusion into the vehicle engine and transmission. See our selection of skid plates, brushed plates, bash plates, and under-body protection for your Toyota Hilux. Our range of Toyota accessories underbody protection include 2 popular Australian made brands Custom Off-road and EFS 4x4 Adventure. 
Get your protection for your Toyota Hilux today!
Toyota Hilux underbody armour aftermarket accessory


4x4 driving and exploring the great outdoors is made easier in your Toyota Hilux when you have the correct lighting. Quality driving lights is one of the most important hilux aftermarket accessories you require when exploring off-road. We stock a range of lighting solutions to suit your Toyota Hilux from reliable brands such as Supernova Lighting. May suit most Hilux models such as such as Gen8, Revo, Vigo, Workmate, SR, SR5, SR7, Rugged X and Rogue. 

We stock the following lighting solutions;

Toyota Hilux Supernova drive lights aftermarket accessory



Put your mind at ease and protect your valuables by installing a tailgate remote central locking system. The HSP Tail lock is truly a revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tailgate with your existing vehicle remote. Installation takes less than an hour as there is no drilling required along with simple wiring.  The Tail Lock gives peace of mind knowing that when your Toyota Hilux truck is locked, so is the tailgate. This remote locking kit is perfect for SUVS and commercial vehicles. Remote lock features - synchronised with factory remote, doesn't require auto electrician, no drilling, 1 year warranty. A must have Toyota Hilux accessory. The Tail Lock kit is affordable and prices start from just $249. 


Toyota Hilux remote tailgate locking aftermarket accessories



The EFS Side Steps are a perfect upgrade from the Toyota factory steps. The EFS side rail range has been designed and developed in Australia to suit our harsh climate and conditions. All our side rails are made from high-quality, heavy duty steel and powder coated with Endura Coat for added protection.

Get your new side steps for your Raptor, Wildtrak, Px, Px2, Px3 and Next Gen. Such an awesome and practical hilux aftermarket accessories.  

 Toyota Hilux EFS side steps aftermarket accessory



Want to take your Toyota Hilux to the next level? Why not install a throttle controller to your truck. A throttle controller is basically a device that that is responsible for catching the signal between the accelerator pedal and the engine management. It is also known as a booster throttle controller. From our experience, we think a throttle controller is well worth the money. It will make for a really fun and exciting ride with more control. Throttle controllers are very popular with 4×4 and SUV drivers, who venture off road, and in vehicles which tend to have sluggish acceleration. They are ideal for towing vehicles, which require extra responsiveness when carrying a heavy load. 

We stock the EliteDrive Throttle Controller & EliteDrive Smart Throttle Controller for the Toyota Hilux. Elitedrive Throttle Master is a premium quality, easy installation Plug n Play device for Passenger, SUV, and Light Commercial vehicles, that provides you with absolute control over your vehicles throttle response. The EliteDrive Smart Throttle Controller features enhanced engine response with each acceleration, now equipped with additional modes, cutting-edge technology, and a groundbreaking Android/Apple iOS Phone app that offers an optional Stealth installation. 

By electronically presenting your Toyota vehicle’s throttle with a range of new mapping reference points, you can introduce more or less throttle response by simply selecting your preferred model. You will feel immediate benefits to the rate of acceleration and decreased throttle lag to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. This Toyota Hilux Aftermarket Accessory will not disappoint. 

Available from $229 for The EliteDrive Throttle Controllers & $299 for The EliteDrive Smart Throttle Controllers.

 Toyota Hilux EliteDrive throttle controller and smart throttle controller aftermarket accessory



Rig out your Toyota Hilux with a heavy duty towbar aftermarket accessory and tow your boat, trailer or caravan with ease and comfort. We stock TAG heavy duty towbars which are designed and manufactured in Australia to endure the most stressful road conditions and stand up to the toughest Aussie environment. TAG Heavy Duty Towbars are designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia. Sporting a sleek black powder-coated finish for style and protection as well as 50mm x 50mm Square Hitch Receiver. Perfect for the Toyota domestic or commercial owner. Pair your towbar with a trailer brake controller.  We also stock a range of electric trailer brakes from Elecbrake and Curt.

TAG towbar specifications;

  • Utilises factory mounting points for ease of fitment
  • Durable, heavy duty powder-coated finish.
  • Class 4 Receiver - 50mm Hitch
  • TAG Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Towbar includes - ballmount, pin & clip and dshackles

Can't find what you are looking for? Looking for more hilux aftermarket accessories, genuine parts or Toyota Hilux parts for sale? Speak to one of our team via online chat or visit our 4x4 Accessories page.

 We got a huge range of Toyota Hilux MK3 accessories, Toyota Hilux accessories, Hilux Rogue accessories, Hilux SR5 accessories and so much more. We've also got seat covers, tail lights and bull bars to suit Toyota Hilux.   

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