What is an electric brake controller?

electric trailer brakes

A brake controller is an electronic device that activates and, as the word suggests, controls the electric brakes of a trailer.  A brake controller can be roughly split into an interface positioned in the cab within the driver’s reach and the central part responsible for activating the trailer’s brakes. Electric trailer brakes controllers can be classified into non-proportional, time-based, proportional or inertia-based types. Brixton 4x4 has a selection of electrical brake control systems, one that also includes a remote control, such as the Elecbrake Remote Control system.

What towing weight do you need electric brakes?

Electric trailer brakes are generally used in caravans and trailers that have a gross trailer mass (GTM) of 750kg or less and a single axle will not require a braking system. Saying that, most caravans exceed this 750kgs limit, it is likely a braking system is required for you to tow a van.

GTM under 750kg- No additional brakes required

751< GTM < 2,000kg- Braking system on wheels of at least one axles; 

1,000kg GTM > 2,000 kg - Requires a ‚Äúbreakaway‚ÄĚ system, system must be powered by a full-charged battery at ALL times (can be either standalone or auxiliary)

Trailer Brakes - Mechanical Vs Electric Trailer Brakes

Australians believe there are many misconceptions about brake pedals in trailers both electric & mechanical. The downsides and advantages of each can vary depending on their quality. It is sometimes believed that mechanical brake systems are jerky or hard and don't give you smooth travel. The market has changed in Australia in recent years and the introduction of superior electric trailer brakes has provide a smoother more reliable option for consumers.

Compare the different types of electric brake controllers

Are you confused with the variety of brake controllers in use today? We'll help with your vehicle and towing needs and provide the best information for you. Just jump on the online chat during business hours and our team can answer all your questions.

Brake controllers we stock

If you own a trailer that includes a hydraulic brake, you will also need a brake controller. Controls the operation of the brakes. Brixton 4x4 has partner mechanic shops in Byron Bay and the Gold Coast who can install a brake controller for your trailer or caravan. Our extensive selection of brands can accommodate all types of cars. Tell us what you need for the electric brake kit today!

Plug & playElectric brake controller

Elecbrakes has revolutionised towing across Australia and New Zealand. It offers unparalleled reliability and flexibility and its trailer mounting solution will suit most towing vehicles. Our 10-minute plug/play setup can fit a variety of caravans & trailers and can also accommodate horses or boats if necessary. It is the perfect time to have an easy to use trailering experience. Fine tunes.

CURT Spectrum-2‚ĄĘ Brake Controller

The CURT Spectrum-2 Brake Controller is a fully compatible unit, able to operate up to eight trailer brakes at a time (1-4 axles). It can be used on vehicles with ABS brakes and cruise control and electric over hydraulic, and it works with low-voltage and PWM systems.

electric trailer brake controller


Elecbrake Brake Controller 

eletric trailer brakes controller

Elecbrakes Brake Controller is a trailer mounted electric brake controller, wired directly into the trailers electrical circuit via an easy to use ‚ÄúPlug & Play‚ÄĚ adaptor. Elecbrakes draws power from the taillight circuit as well as the brake light circuit ensuring sufficient power is available for up to two braked axles.¬†

This easy to install device also has the Elecbrake Remote Control which provides an override button to activate the trailer brakes remotely.


While we have strived to provide the most accurate and up to date information possible, towing regulations are complex and constantly evolving. Brixton 4x4 urges all towers to check any legal requirements with local government authorities and doesn’t accept liability for any unintentional errors or omissions in the following article.

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