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How to Improve Diesel Fuel Economy and Efficiency

How to Save on Diesel Economy and Fuel Costs?

Looking for a way to save on rising diesel fuel costs? Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to save money on diesel fuel and improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Here are some tips for saving on diesel fuel:

  1. Invest in a Diesel Economy Module: The EliteDrive team have developed the Diesel Economy Module to provide additional torque to a safe and reliable level, creating more torque with fewer revs, allowing you to use less pedal for the same result, realistically saving up to 20% on your weekly fuel costs.

  2. Keep your vehicle well-maintained: Proper maintenance is essential for maximizing fuel efficiency. Regular oil changes, tire pressure checks, and tune-ups can help keep your vehicle running at its best, potentially improving fuel efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

  3. Avoid unnecessary weight: Carrying extra weight in your vehicle can increase fuel consumption. Try to keep your vehicle as light as possible by removing unnecessary items and equipment when they are not needed.

  4. Use cruise control: When driving on the highway, using cruise control can help you maintain a consistent speed and reduce fuel consumption.

  5. Avoid idling: Letting your vehicle idle for extended periods of time can waste fuel. If you are going to be stopped for more than a few minutes, it is often more fuel-efficient to turn the engine off and then restart it when you are ready to drive again.

If you are looking for increased power performance over fuel saving, there is still an option for you! The EliteDrive Diesel Power Module is designed with extra performance in mind, providing your engine with the maximum safe available level of power and torque while maintaining the Vehicle Manufacturer’s all-important air/fuel ratios for excellent reliability.

For those of us who are looking to prioritise fuel economy, the EliteDrive Diesel Economy Module is for you! Read on to find out more about this new and innovative product.

elite drive power diesel economy module

Why Pick a Diesel Module Over a Chip Tuning System or ECU Tune?

Diesel Chip Tuning

Put simply, diesel performance chips are designed to increase the fuel rail pressure inside the common fuel rail and force more fuel into the injectors, providing the vehicle with more power output. Unfortunately, while these chips are often on the cheaper side, they run the risk of putting unnecessary strain on your engine. As the pressure increases, so does the heat and wear on your engine. Another negative is that the chips do not provide a fuel-saving solution. What is more likely is that the extra power generated will result in higher fuel costs, and potentially the cost of a new engine.

ECU Diesel Tuning

Tuning preset maps on your car's ECU can optimise the output from the engine to suit a particular driving style or emissions, reliability, and safety purposes.It is popular to remap diesel engines to get a quicker response and they are generally safe to use when a professional tuner has remapped the ECU. However, beware of tuners who install premade files. Some premade files are designed for vehicles in different altitudes, temperatures, or fuel standards and other considerations that are not applicable to Australian climates and automotive industry regulations. These remaps are not able to be easily adjusted based on the type of driving that you are doing. Any tunes are permanent until they are taken back to a tuner, incurring costs each time. Another negative to consider is a tune will directly modify the ECU, voiding your warranty.

Diesel Economy Module

EliteDrive has considered the advantages of both a diesel performance chip and an ECU tune and removes the risks to develop the Diesel Economy Module.

elite drive power diesel economy module features good bad negative positive


  • 10-20% Fuel Savings Guaranteed

  • Dyno derived tuning

  • 100% tax deductible¬†

  • All Tunes derived from Real World Dyno Testing

  • Simple DIY Plug & Play Installation

  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

elite drive power diesel economy module features

How does the EliteDrive Diesel Economy Module Work?

Similar to other diesel performance chips, the EliteDrive Diesel Economy Module is a plug-and-play device that installs to your fuel rail and turbo boost sensor. Unlike the other diesel chips or performance modules, the EliteDrive Economy Module provides a realistic and tested fuel-saving solution, while also eliminating turbo lag and providing a stronger engine response.

There are several potential benefits to installing an EliteDrive Diesel Economy Module in your vehicle, including:

  1. Improved fuel efficiency: The main outcome intended for the Diesel Economy Module is improved fuel efficiency. Extensive testing shows a saving of approximately 10%-20% of fuel savings on your weekly fuel expenses, the EliteDrive Economy Module is a no-brainer in providing great value for money.

  2. Enhanced performance: In addition to improving fuel efficiency, diesel fuel-saving power modules can also enhance a vehicle's overall performance by providing a stronger engine response, eliminating turbo lag. producing more power and torque, potentially improving acceleration and towing capacity.

  3. Reduced emissions: Diesel fuel-saving power modules can also help to reduce emissions from diesel engines. By optimising the way that the engine is controlled, these modules can help to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants that are released into the atmosphere.

  4. Increased lifespan: Installing a diesel fuel-saving power module can also help to extend the lifespan of a vehicle's engine. By allowing the engine to run more efficiently, these modules can help to reduce wear and tear on the engine and other components, potentially extending the vehicle's lifespan.

The EliteDrive Diesel Economy Module is manufactured and programmed specifically for the engine in your vehicle and the wiring loom matches perfectly to the plugs in the existing connections. The product connects a wiring loom between the fuel rail and the turbo boost sensor. This allows the Economy Module to raise fuel rail pressure safely while simultaneously making more boost available to create extra torque. Because the boost is raised, the air/fuel ratios remain standard and any hot exhaust gas temperatures are taken care of by the increased exhaust flow.

Most importantly, this makes the Economy Module a 100% plug-and-play fuel-saving solution that requires NO hardware upgrades or changes to your factory ECU to operate. Make no mistake, the Diesel Economy Module is not a diesel chip tune. But what is the difference between a chip, a dyno tune and a module?

elite drive power diesel economy module fuel saving device

Guaranteed Fuel Saving Results

You can't go wrong with an option that will provide a guarantee that your vehicle will see fuel economy without making any permanent modifications to your vehicle or altering existing tuning files on your ECU.

With no other similar diesel fuel-saving tuning chip on the market, the EliteDrive Economy Module is the newest innovation in Power Module technology.

Do you own a business or have fleet diesel vehicles? The EliteDrive team mention that the product is tax deductible--how good is that? Save fuel, save emissions, save money.


Can the average handy 4WDer fit a module themselves? In most cases, yes, but this depends on the vehicle. Installation can be very easy; taking just a few minutes, or quite tedious, taking hours. We can advise people if their vehicle is DIY or better left to a dealer to fit.

The Garage Miami on the Gold Coast, QLD is the only current authorised installer for the EliteDrive Diesel Economy Modules in Australia. If you're on or around the Gold Coast, select the installation option to buy a module and book the fitment.

Otherwise, take advantage of our free shipping offer when you purchase an EliteDrive product and have your local mechanic install it for you!

Whether you're towing a caravan or going 4x4ing on the weekend, the Diesel Economy Module is an amazing, must-have product for any diesel vehicle. The modules can fit most vehicles such as the ever-popular Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux and many more.

elite drive power diesel economy module fuel saving device guaranteed
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