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Which Style of Roof Rack is Best?

Which Style of Roof Rack is Best?

If you've ever conducted an online search for roof racks, it's likely that you've encountered a number of pre-assembled racks offered at prices that may appear overly enticing. We understand the temptation of a good deal; we all appreciate those cost-effective menu specials at fast-food joints. However, we strongly advise exercising caution in this particular scenario. In reality, the seemingly remarkable bargains found online often involve racks that are flimsy, have a limited lifespan, and are ill-suited for the demanding conditions experienced in Australia. Not only do these products fall short in durability, but they also neglect to cater to the diverse requirements of individual customers. Roof racks, by nature, do not conform to a one-size-fits-all model, and it's unreasonable to expect tradespeople, surfers, campers, kayakers, cyclists, and anglers to share identical preferences when selecting the optimal rack for their needs.

If you're seeking genuine value, your optimal approach would involve reaching out to a manufacturer capable of crafting a customised rack tailored to meet your specific requirements. However, before delving into that very expensive process, it is advisable to identify your needs thoroughly. Pose questions such as: What items do you genuinely need to transport? How frequently do you anticipate using the rack? Additionally, it's crucial to consult your vehicle's owner's manual to ascertain its maximum load capacity. Could a pre-made rack be just as good as a customised rack? Essentially, the clearer your understanding of your needs, the more successful your roof rack selection will be. Also, bear in mind that the roof structure of your vehicle plays a role in determining the compatible style of roof rack for installation.

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Roof Rack Styles Available

Now that you have a well-defined understanding of your requirements, the next step involves evaluating and contrasting your needs with the options on the market. Here, we provide you with detailed insights into several roof rack styles, empowering you to make informed decisions when you engage with you shop online;

Flat Platform Roof Racks

Flat platform roof racks distinguish themselves by their absence of walls, making them not only lighter and lower but also more aerodynamic. These racks prove to be an excellent solution for tradespeople or travelers who need to transport loads atop their vehicles in urban areas, where encountering low-clearance bridges or parking structures is common. It's essential to note that, even without walls on the rack, compliance with the correct rules for load restraint is crucial. Specifically, the load must be properly restrained to prevent it from protruding beyond the vehicle.

While we refrain from hyperbole, the significance of acquiring the ideal roof rack cannot be overstated. Whether it's for professional use, leisure activities, or a combination of both, a platform rack has the potential to save time, enhance convenience, and significantly contribute to overall satisfaction.

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Basket-Style Roof Racks / Expedition Rails

If you enjoy embarking on camping trips or other off-road adventures during the weekends, a basket-style roof rack or adding expedition side rails to your flat platform might be the perfect fit for your needs. The standout feature of this specific roof rack style is its versatility in accommodating items of various sizes, whether they are small, large and bulky, or awkwardly shaped. These racks are ideal for transporting a diverse range of items, including but not limited to firewood, spare tires, foldable chairs, tents, sleeping bags, cargo bags, and an assortment of other camping accessories.

roof platform with expedition rail kit



While tent-style racks are predominantly favored by campers, their utility extends beyond just shelter provision. These racks can also serve as storage for various items in addition to their primary function as a tent. Their design closely resembles that of an open-rear roof rack, with the distinction that a tent is specially crafted to fit around the rack structure. Installing a tent-style roof rack ensures that your future camping experiences are not only well-equipped but also enjoyable.

roof top tent


Roof Racks

Roof racks are versatile automotive accessories designed to enhance a vehicle's carrying capacity by providing an additional platform on the roof. These racks come in various styles, including flat platforms, basket-style racks, and tent-style racks, each catering to different needs and activities. Typically mounted on the roof of cars, SUVs, or trucks, roof racks are invaluable for transporting items such as luggage, sports equipment, camping gear, and more.

Their sturdy construction and adaptable designs make them suitable for a wide range of applications, from accommodating oversized cargo during road trips to providing a secure base for outdoor enthusiasts' equipment. Roof racks contribute to the convenience and functionality of vehicles, allowing users to optimise space and tailor their transport capabilities to suit diverse activities and lifestyles.

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Cargo Box

Cargo boxes for vehicle roofs are practical and efficient storage solutions that offer additional space for transporting luggage, equipment, and other belongings. These aerodynamic and weather-resistant boxes are typically mounted on roof racks, providing a secure and enclosed storage compartment. Designed with durability and ease of use in mind, cargo boxes come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different needs.

Whether you're planning a road trip, a skiing adventure, or simply need extra cargo space for everyday use, these boxes are invaluable. They safeguard your belongings from the elements while optimising interior space for passengers. With features like secure locking systems and quick installation, cargo boxes enhance the versatility of vehicles, allowing drivers to travel comfortably without compromising on storage capacity.

cargo box


In summary, roof racks play a crucial role in enhancing a vehicle's versatility by providing additional storage options. The flat-platform roof racks excel in their lightweight and aerodynamic design, making them ideal for urban settings where low-clearance obstacles are common. Basket-style roof racks offer unparalleled versatility, accommodating various items for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those embarking on camping or off-road adventures. Tent-style roof racks stand out as a multifunctional choice, primarily serving campers while offering storage capabilities beyond shelter provision. Cargo boxes provide a weather-resistant and secure solution for those seeking enclosed storage on their roof racks, catering to a wide range of needs from road trips to outdoor activities.

In conclusion, the diverse array of roof racks and cargo boxes allows vehicle owners to customise their transportation solutions based on individual preferences and activities. Whether it's the aerodynamic simplicity of flat-platform racks, the all-encompassing versatility of basket-style racks, the multifunctionality of tent-style racks, or the enclosed security of cargo boxes, each option contributes to optimising space, convenience, and satisfaction for various lifestyles. Choosing the right roof rack ultimately transforms the driving experience, making it more tailored and accommodating to the unique needs of every adventurer, commuter, or traveler.

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