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What's New! More Aftermarket Accessories for the Next-Gen Ford Ranger

 Are you excited about the all-new Ford Ranger? We certainly are! And with the release of the next-gen model, a whole slew of aftermarket accessories have hit the market. So, let's take a look at some of the coolest and quirkiest add-ons for the 2023 Ford Ranger.

Next-Gen Ford Ranger

  1. Tailgate Assist - This nifty little add-on helps to make opening and closing your tailgate a breeze, especially when you're carrying heavy items or have your hands full. With a tailgate assist, you no longer have to worry about the tailgate slamming down or struggling to lift it back up.

  2. Load Bar Kit - If you frequently carry items in the bed of your truck, a load bar kit can help you secure your cargo and prevent it from shifting during transit.

  3. Throttle Controller - This device can enhance your driving experience by giving you more control over your Next Gen's throttle response.

  4. Bull Bar - If you're looking for some extra protection for the front of your truck, a bull bar is the perfect accessory. Not only will it protect your Ford Ranger Next-Gen from any potential collisions, but it will also give your Ranger a rugged, off-road look.

  5. Fender Flares - If you're planning on adding some bigger tyres to your Ranger, you might want to consider some fender flares. These add-ons not only look cool but also protect your vehicle from any debris kicked up by those big tyres.


So, as you can see here are some of the coolest and quirkiest aftermarket accessories for the all-new Ford Ranger. Whether you're looking to improve performance, add some personality, or simply protect your truck, there's an accessory out there for you. Let's look more in depth for each Next-Gen aftermarket accessory.



The tailgate assist is by far one of the most practical and useful accessories for the new Ford Ranger, making opening and closing the tailgate of your Next-Gen a breeze. With a tailgate assist, you no longer have to worry about the tailgate slamming down or struggling to lift it back up. The assist provides a smooth and controlled motion, making it easy to open and close the tailgate with just one hand. How good is that! This is especially helpful when you're loading or unloading items from the bed of your truck.

Installing a tailgate assist for your Ford Ranger is also incredibly simple and requires no drilling or special tools. The Tailgate Strut Assist Single to suit Ford Raptor & Ranger Next-Gen utilises factory mounting points making installation a breeze, as there is no need to remove the tailgate. Plus, they're relatively affordable compared to some of the other Next Gen accessories on the market. So, if you're looking to make your life a little easier when it comes to your Ranger's tailgate, a tailgate assist is definitely worth considering.

Strut assist for Next Gen Ford Ranger



A load bar kit is another great aftermarket accessory for the next-gen Ford Ranger. A load bar kit can help you secure the items in your ute tray and prevent it from shifting. Load bar kits typically come with two bars that can be mounted on the sides of the truck bed, creating a sturdy base for tie-downs and cargo straps. This makes it easy to secure items of various sizes and shapes, from work equipement, capming gear and everything in between. The HSP Load Bar Kit for Next Gen Ford Rangers is can carry up to 80kg in weight and a neat matte black finish.

Load bars are also adjustable, allowing you to customise the width and height to suit your specific needs. This makes them perfect for carrying awkwardly sized or shaped items that might not fit perfectly in the Next-Gen tray. Another advantage of a load bar kit for your Ford Ranger is that it can help to prevent damage to your cargo and your truck. By keeping items in place, you reduce the risk of them shifting or sliding around during transit, which can lead to scratches, dents, or even accidents. Certainly a practical and useful accessory for any Ford Ranger owner.

Load bars for Ford Ranger Next Gen



Another exciting aftermarket accessory for the next-gen Ford Ranger is a throttle controller. This device can enhance your driving experience by giving you more control over your truck's throttle response. A throttle controller essentially adjusts the signal sent from the accelerator pedal to the engine's electronic control unit (ECU). This means that when you press the accelerator, your Ford Next Gen responds more quickly and with greater precision.

With a throttle controller, you can adjust the sensitivity and responsiveness of the accelerator to suit your driving style and preferences. This can make your truck feel more powerful and sporty, giving you a more engaging driving experience. Our all-time favourite throttle controller is the EliteDrive Throttle Controller to suit the Ford Ranger Next Gen. This throttle controller has 9 modes, 60 adjustable settings, anti-theft mode and a 5 year warranty. You can't go wrong with this device.

In addition to improving performance, a throttle controller can also help to improve fuel efficiency. By providing more precise control over the throttle, you can avoid wasting fuel by accelerating more smoothly and efficiently. Something everyone needs with rising fuel costs. Overall, a throttle controller is a fun and practical accessory for any Ford Ranger owner who wants to enhance their driving experience.

Throttle Controller for Next Gen Ford Ranger



Bull bars are a popular aftermarket accessory for any truck, and the next-gen Ford Ranger is no exception. Two great options for Ranger owners are the EFS Stockman bullbar and the EFS Xcape front bar.

The EFS Stockman bullbar is a heavy-duty option that is designed to provide maximum protection for your truck's front end. Made from high-strength steel, this bullbar is tough enough to handle the toughest terrain and harshest conditions. In addition to providing protection, the Stockman bullbar also features a sleek and stylish design that complements the rugged look of the Ranger. It includes mounting points for auxiliary lighting, as well as provisions for winches and recovery equipment.

The EFS Xcape front bar is another great option for Ranger owners who want to enhance the look and functionality of their truck. This bullbar features a more aggressive design, with a tubular construction and a durable powder-coated finish. The Xcape front bar also includes mounting points for auxiliary lighting and recovery equipment. It also features a built-in winch mount, making it easy to install a winch for off-road adventures.

Overall, both the Stockman bullbar and the Xcape front bars are excellent choices for the Next Gen Ford Ranger owner who wants to add extra protection and functionality to their truck.

Bull bar for Next Gen Ford Ranger



Fender flares are a popular aftermarket accessory for the next-gen Ford Ranger for several reasons. Firstly, they add a more aggressive and rugged appearance to the truck. Fender flares can give your Ranger a wider stance, making it look more powerful and capable on or off the road.

Secondly, fender flares help to protect the truck's body from debris and rocks kicked up by the tyres, preventing scratches, dings, and other damage. Thirdly, fender flares can also allow for the use of larger wheels and tyres on your Next Gen Ranger, giving your truck more ground clearance and off-road capability. And lastly, fender flares can also help to comply with local laws and regulations. In some areas, wider wheels and tyres may be restricted by law, and fender flares can help to cover the tyres and keep them within the legal limits.

We've found some great options for the Ranger owner looking to enhance the look and functionality of their truck. Let's take a closer look at two of the most popular fender flares from EGR: the black bolt style and the ultra matte black style.

The EGR black bolt style fender flares are a sleek and stylish option that add a rugged, off-road look to your Ford Ranger. These fender flares feature a bolted-on look, giving the appearance of a wider stance and more aggressive profile. They are made from UV-resistant ABS plastic, which is durable and easy to clean.

Another popular option is the EGR ultra matte black style fender flares. These flares have a more understated look, with a smooth finish that complements the Ranger's sleek lines. They are also made from UV-resistant ABS plastic and are easy to install with no drilling required.

Overall, the EGR black bolt style and ultra matte black style fender flares are excellent options for any Next Gen Ford Ranger owner looking to enhance the look and functionality of their truck.

Fender flares for Next Gen Ford Ranger


Well guys, if you're looking to take your Next-Gen Ford Ranger to the next level, there are plenty of Next Gen aftermarket accessories out there to help you do just that. Whether you're looking to beef up your truck's look with a bull bar, protect your bodywork with some fender flares, or keep safe with a tailgate assist, there's something for everyone. And let's not forget about the smaller upgrades too, like a throttle controller to give your Next Gen Ranger some extra pep, or a load bar kit to make carrying your gear a breeze.

With so many options available, the sky's the limit when it comes to customising your Next-Gen Ford Ranger. So why settle for a plain old stock truck when you can turn heads and tackle any terrain with ease? Get out there and start exploring all the awesome Next Gen aftermarket accessories for your Ranger today!

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