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What is a throttle controller?

In today's thriving automotive market everyone is looking for the newest and best upgrade that will take their vehicle driving performance to the next level.  But if you are not only looking for speed, but better performance and control in off-roading and towing conditions, then the EliteDrive Throttle Master throttle controller, with ultimate throttle response may be just the solution you have been looking for.

What is a throttle Controller?

The EliteDrive Throttle Master throttle controller is installed as the gateway between the accelerator pedal and the throttle body to the engine.  By electronically presenting your vehicle’s throttle with a range of new mapping reference points, you can introduce more or less throttle response by simply selecting your preferred mode. 

Reduce throttle lag with EliteDrive Throttle Master!

The EliteDrive Throttle Master throttle controller uses a wire converter to modulate electrical current generated with the accelerator pedal enabling adjusting the pedal response and throttle power. It will install in only two minutes with minimum of technical skill required. The software used for each application is uniquely designed for that vehicle make and model. If you are concerned about poor fuel economy you may just set the Throttle Master to Economy mode.


How does a throttle controller work?

By enhancing your car's throttle response and using a throttle curve suitable for your environment or driving purpose, you can greatly reduce and often completely eliminate throttle lag, boost your car's drivability and make remarkable improvement to the car's acceleration. 

The Throttle Controller used in towing applications can reduce the vehicles throttle response past the factory levels, you can gain more control over the car traction and response time; which is beneficial in low speed applications such as reversing a caravan in difficult or unlevel environments or driving through off-road terrain.


What brands of Throttle Controllers we stock

The TGM team have scoured the market for only brands that we can trust and use on our own vehicles.  Our mechanical team at our brick and mortar stores have tested the EliteDrive Throttle Master throttle controller on numerous customer cars, and the mechanics own cars with amazing results. For this reason we have chosen not to stock the iDrive Throttle Controller or the Ulimate9 Throttle Controller, choosing the EliteDrive model as our sole throttle controller option.

Throttle Response

Elitedrive Throttle Master is a premium quality, easy installation Plug n Play device for Passenger, SUV, and Light Commercial vehicles, that provides you with absolute control over your vehicles throttle response. By electronically presenting your vehicle’s throttle with a range of new mapping reference points, you can introduce more or less throttle response by simply selecting your preferred model. You will feel immediate benefits to the rate of acceleration and decreased throttle lag to provide you with the ultimate driving experience.

Money Back Guarantee

The throttle controls on your car can affect the demand to send a torque signal to your powerplant's throttle table. Customize your throttle response on any mode of travel, terrain or position. A 'best value' warranty with 30 day money back guarantee.

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