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Elevate Your Amarok: Top Exterior Accessories of 2023

Attention 4x4 enthusiats! 2023 is revving up to be a game-changer for your Volkswagen Amarok adventures. Ready to turn heads and leave a mark? Step into the spotlight as we unveil the most coveted exterior accessories of 2023, set to elevate your Amarok to the next level.

amarok aftermarket accessories


Why Go Aftermarket?

It's simple! While the 2023 VW Amarok is a beast on its own, every vehicle has its own personality.

The 2023 VW Amarok, with its sleek design and robust features, already stands as a testament to modern automotive craftsmanship. But, just as no two individuals are the same, each Amarok has the potential to be a distinct entity, mirroring the preferences and tastes of its proud owner.

Aftermarket accessories are not merely aesthetic touches; they are statements. They scream individuality and showcase the intricate relationship between a car and its driver. Whether it's a rugged bull bar for those off-road adventures or custom LED lights that leave an indelible mark on the onlookers, these additions are tailored to resonate with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Moreover, it's not just about appearances. Many aftermarket accessories are born out of practicality. Think roof racks for the avid traveler or specialised mud flaps for those who dare to venture off the beaten path. These enhancements ensure that your Amarok isn't just looking good but is also equipped to handle any challenge thrown its way.

In essence, think of aftermarket accessories as the final brushstrokes on a masterpiece painting, transforming your Amarok from simply a mode of transport to an extension of your persona.

amarok aftermarket accessories


🔥 Hot Accessories of 2023

Dive into the top-tier accessories designed not just to complement but elevate your Amarok's appearance and performance;

  1. Front Bar: Strengthen the facade of your Amarok. A robust front bar doesn't just elevate the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also offers enhanced protection, ensuring your car remains undamaged from any unforeseen obstacles during your off-road escapades.
  2. Side Steps: Step up in style and functionality. These are not just aesthetic upgrades; side steps assist with optimal airflow and ease of entry, especially for lifted vehicles.
  3. RollTrac: Elevate your Amarok's look and utility. This isn't merely an aesthetic upgrade; the RollTrac provides added protection from road debris, especially when making those sharp turns.
  4. Roof Racks: Embrace the adventure. Whether you're off on a weekend camping jaunt or a prolonged cross-country expedition, these racks ensure you're never short of storage space for all your essential gear.
  5. Tailgate Assist: Simplify your life. This upgrade not only facilitates the opening and closing of your tailgate but also offers added protection against unwanted damage.

aftermarket accessories for amarok


Front Bar

For Volkswagen Amarok owners, front bars not only provide a refreshed appearance but also deliver functional benefits, especially for those who frequently venture off-road. Two of the most sought-after front bars for the Amarok are the Rival bumper and the EFS Pioneer bullbar. Let's dive deep into their features:

Rival Bumper for Amarok:

  • Material: Rival bumpers are typically made from high-strength aluminium, ensuring a light yet durable composition.
  • Design: These bumpers often sport a modern and sleek design, with integrated LED fog/driving lights. This gives your Amarok a contemporary edge.
  • Protection: Apart from aesthetics, the Rival bumper is engineered for optimum protection, especially on off-road terrains, ensuring the vital components of the Amarok are shielded.
  • Installation: Rival bumpers are generally designed for a seamless fit, making installation straightforward without any major modifications.

EFS Pioneer Bullbar for Amarok:

  • Material: Crafted from high-tensile steel, EFS Pioneer bullbars are robust and meant to endure tough conditions.
  • Design: With a more traditional and rugged design, this bullbar includes provisions for winch fittings and aerial mounts.
  • Protection: The EFS Pioneer bullbar offers a comprehensive frontal protection, especially beneficial for rural areas with risks of animal strikes.
  • Additional Features: This bullbar often incorporates twin antenna mounts, reinforced winch mounts, and integrated fog lights.

While both front bars offer superior protection and aesthetic appeal, the choice boils down to personal preference and use-case scenarios. If you're looking for a sleek, modern design with lightweight construction, the Rival bumper might be your pick. On the other hand, if a more rugged, traditional design with added utility features is what you seek, the EFS Pioneer bullbar stands out.

front bar for vw amarok


Side Steps

Side steps are crucial for those who regularly take their Volkswagen Amarok on off-road adventures. They not only offer ease of entry and exit but also provide essential protection for the vehicle's undercarriage against rocks, debris, and rough terrains. Two leading side step options for the Amarok are the Offroad Animal Rock Sliders and the EFS side steps. Here's a closer look at each:

Offroad Animal Rock Sliders for Amarok:

  • Material and Construction: Offroad Animal Rock Sliders are typically constructed from heavy-duty steel, designed for superior strength and durability.
  • Design: Rock sliders, by their very nature, are intended for tough off-road conditions. Offroad Animal's design is robust and close-fitted to the vehicle's side, ensuring optimal protection against rocks and obstacles.
  • Protection: These rock sliders serve a dual purpose. They function as a step to aid entry and exit while offering superior underbody and side protection, especially in rocky terrains where the vehicle's sides are susceptible to damage.
  • Mounting: These rock sliders are generally mounted directly to the Amarok's chassis, ensuring a sturdy fit that can handle the pressures of off-roading.

EFS Side Steps for Amarok:

  • Material and Construction: EFS side steps are often crafted from high-quality alloy or steel, ensuring resilience against the elements and off-road hazards.
  • Design: EFS side steps boast a sleek design, often with a treaded platform for a secure footing. This design not only enhances the Amarok's aesthetics but also provides functional benefits.
  • Protection: While primarily designed for ease of entry and exit, EFS side steps also offer a degree of side protection against mud, water splashes, and minor obstacles.
  • Installation: With brackets tailored for the Amarok, the installation process for EFS side steps is typically straightforward and hassle-free.

Comparison: Choosing between the Offroad Animal Rock Sliders and the EFS side steps largely depends on the user's priorities. If extreme off-roading, particularly in rocky terrains, is a frequent activity, the Offroad Animal Rock Sliders, with their robust design and superior protective features, might be the preferred choice. For those who want a balance between everyday utility, aesthetics, and moderate off-road protection, the EFS side steps are a fantastic option.

side step for vw amarok



The EGR RollTrac for the Amarok represents a sophisticated combination of design and functionality tailored for the needs of 4x4 truck owners. Here are the primary benefits;

1. Precision in Design: The RollTrac is meticulously crafted to fit the Amarok seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive appearance and flawless operation.

2. Dual Operational Modes: The EGR RollTrac offers both electric and manual operational modes, providing flexibility for users based on their preferences and situations.

3. Robust Construction: The RollTrac is built for durability, using materials that can withstand the test of time and the elements.

4. Sleek Appearance: Beyond its functional benefits, the RollTrac enhances the visual appeal of the Amarok.

5. Quality without Compromise: EGR ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of the RollTrac, promising a reliable and long-lasting product.

In conclusion, the EGR RollTrac is not just a functional accessory for the Amarok; it is a statement of style, durability, and innovation. Investing in such an accessory ensures both practical benefits and aesthetic enhancements for the vehicle.

RollTrac for VW amarok

Yakima Roof Platform:

Design and Construction: The Yakima platform is known for its sleek design combined with robust construction. Made of lightweight aluminum, it's both durable and corrosion-resistant. Its aerodynamic shape not only adds to the aesthetics but also reduces wind noise and drag when driving at high speeds.

Versatility: One standout feature of the Yakima is its compatibility with a range of accessories. Whether it's bike mounts, cargo boxes, or kayak holders, the Yakima platform can accommodate them with ease.

Installation: Yakima prides itself on offering a straightforward installation process. With their custom-designed fitting kits, it's easy to attach the platform securely to the Amarok.

Example: Imagine planning a biking trip to the mountains. With the Yakima roof platform, one can effortlessly mount multiple bikes, ensuring they're safely secured throughout the journey.

Rhino Rack Platform:

Design and Construction: The Rhino Rack platform boasts a heavy-duty construction built to endure extreme conditions. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, it's not only strong but also resistant to the effects of the weather.

Versatility: The Rhino Rack stands out with its modular design. This means users can customize the platform's layout based on their specific needs, allowing for optimal space utilisation.

Installation: Rhino Rack offers an easy-to-use fitting system, ensuring the platform can be securely fastened to the Amarok. Their detailed instruction guides aid users in achieving a hassle-free installation.

Example: Consider a scenario where one is heading out for a camping trip. The Rhino Rack's modular design allows for the easy arrangement of camping gear, ensuring there's space for tents, coolers, and even a small boat.


While both platforms excel in their own right, the choice essentially boils down to individual requirements. If one values a sleek design combined with versatility, the Yakima might be the preferred choice. However, for those who prioritize a rugged design with the flexibility of a modular layout, the Rhino Rack stands out.

In essence, both the Yakima and Rhino Rack platforms offer enhanced carrying capabilities for the Amarok, transforming it into a versatile vehicle ready for adventures. Choosing between them depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the user. Whether it's the sleekness of Yakima or the ruggedness of Rhino Rack, Amarok owners are sure to benefit from these top-tier roof platforms.

roof platform for amarok


Tailgate Assist

The Tailgate Assist is a particularly useful accessory for the Volkswagen Amarok. It's designed to enhance the functionality and user experience when accessing the truck's bed. Here's an overview of this accessory:

  • Functionality: The Tailgate Assist serves to assist the opening and closing of the Amarok's tailgate. Instead of the tailgate dropping down heavily or needing significant effort to close, the Tailgate Assist ensures a smooth, controlled, and light operation.

  • Safety: A significant advantage of this accessory is the added safety. By controlling the descent of the tailgate, it prevents potential injuries that could be caused by a sudden drop, especially when hands are full or if children are around.

  • Protection: The controlled motion also means there's a reduced risk of damage to the tailgate itself, or any objects or vehicles nearby. Over time, the repetitive heavy dropping can wear out the tailgate's hinges and locking mechanisms. The Tailgate Assist minimizes this wear and tear.

  • Ease of Use: Particularly for those who frequently access the truck bed, whether for work, leisure, or daily activities, the Tailgate Assist is invaluable. It simplifies the process, making it more efficient and less strenuous.

  • Installation: Many Tailgate Assists are designed for easy installation, often not requiring any significant modifications to the Amarok. They integrate seamlessly, ensuring the vehicle's aesthetics are not compromised.

In conclusion, the Tailgate Assist for the Amarok is more than just a luxury; it's a practical enhancement that offers safety, protection, and ease of use. For Amarok owners, investing in such an accessory can significantly improve their day-to-day interaction with the vehicle.

tailgate assist


Discover 2023's essential Amarok exterior upgrades. Elevate your ride's aesthetics and function in one go! 

Your Amarok isn't just a set of wheels; it's the roaring reflection of your adventurous spirit. This 2023, don't just hit the road, make a statement! Unleash the beast within by decking out your Amarok with the hottest exterior accessories. Whether you're conquering rough terrains or cruising city streets, ensure your Amarok turns heads and drops jaws.

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