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Heading away in your caravan? It's so important to make sure you perform all the necessary checks before you leave on your next adventure.

Prior to leaving your home or caravan park to your next destination, we have compiled this comprehensive pre-trip caravan check list (or pre trip rv checklist) for you, to ensure nothing is forgotten before you hit the road, keeping you and your family safe. Print this list out and keep on your caravan fridge door for easy reference.


Firstly, it's important to know the dimensions and weight of your caravan (check your caravan manual). By knowing the height of your caravan ensures you have a safe clearance on all your routes and stops. This is especially important when travelling under low bridges, entering fuel stations or parking at a caravan park.

ūüí° NOTE - We recommend that while conducting these checks, it's a great idea to have a physical checklist printed out, as well as a second person to prevent any oversights. Four eyes are better than two!


OK, so let's go ahead and start securing the interior of the caravan first.

  • Secure any loose items or luggage. Utilise your storage compartments.

  • Make sure counter tops, table tops and shelves are cleared of unsecured items.

  • Make sure all internal doors and cupboard doors are closed and secured/locked. Don't forget the bathroom door and the refrigerator door.

  • All applicances must be secured properly. Check the microwave plate, toaster, cutlery, kettle etc.

  • Check you TV. Does this need to be disconnected while in transit? Wind the TV antenna down and secure it in the travel position.

  • Set the fridge to 12V mode so that it remains cool during your trip, and don't forget to engage the travel catch.

  • Secure all vents, roof hatches, skylights and window mechanisms. Have a last look around and then, exit the caravan and lock the door behind you.¬†




OK, so the interior is now done, let's move onto the exterior of the caravan.

  • Pack away all power cords, water hoses, external showers or other cords.

  • Make sure all external storage doors and compartments are locked and gas taps and the gas cylinders are turned off.

  • Disconnect your water system and don't forget to drain the water system before disconnecting it. Ensure all waste tanks are empty and the water pump is turned off.

  • Remove and secure the TV anntenna and any other communication anntennas you may have.

  • Secure all awnings and make sure all the straps and handles are tightened.

  • Check that the entrance step has been retracted or packed away. Ensure the stabiliser legs have been retracted.

  • If you have a bike rack, ensure bike's are fastened and the rack is secured properly.

  • Check operation of all caravan exterior lights such as brake lights, taillights, indicators, reverse lights, and clearance lights are all operating well.

  • If you have used wheel chocks, don't forget to remove them before leaving.




OK, so the interior and exterior is now done, let's move onto checking all of the towing and hitching of the caravan.

  • Ensure your caravan is correctly coupled to your tow vehicle. Double check the coupling lock.

  • Check that the fixing nuts on fixed tow balls have not come loose and check the nose weight, ensuring it is levelled.

  • Check your safety (break away and secondary) cables are correctly attached.

  • Ensure you check the two chains to your tow vehicle. Crisscross the chains and use a D shackle to connect them to the secure points on the tow bar.

  • Check that the hand break and motor mover is disengaged.

  • Double check the caravan's electronics and remember to connect the caravan‚Äôs electronics to your vehicle. Don't forget to check the brake controller.

  • Ensure the jockey wheel is raised and secured, or removed and stored if of a swivel mount type.

  • Make sure towing mirrors are fitted and adjusted. Towing mirrors should able to see clearly down both sides of the caravan.




OK, so the interior, exterior and towing/hitching has been checked, it's time to now check the caravan wheels.

  • Check that all wheel fixing bolts are correctly tightened. It is recommended that nuts should be re-tightened at intervals of 100km for the first 400km and every 1000km after that.

  • Check the tyre pressure and the condition of the tyres, ensuring that the tread is not worn or damaged.




So, your caravan has been thoroughly checked and you're nearly ready to hit the road, there are just a couple of things left to do. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete all of the checks.

  • Final walk - Walk around the caravan to double check that all the doors and windows are shut and locked, all hoses and cords are disconnected, awning is secure, external furniture/matting have been packed, hatches are in travel position, gas bottles off, step folded away, and wheel chock removed/stowed.

  • Once the caravan has driven off the caravan site, jump out and grab your sink plates and any levelling ramps you may have used.

  • Do one final glance around your site and you're ready to go!


When you finally head off, be sure to take plenty of stops to check over your caravan and towing vehicle. Always do a quick walk around, checking the windows and doors are all still shut from the movement and locked, that the caravan is all still connected safely, and nothing has come loose. Checking these things will give you peace of mind for the next leg of your journey. Stay safe on the road and happy caravaning!


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