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G’day mates! As a true blue Aussie, there’s nothing quite like exploring the great outdoors in your trusty 4x4. Whether you’re cruising down a dusty dirt road or splashing through a muddy puddle, off-roading is the ultimate way to experience all the beauty that this sunburnt country has to offer.

But let’s face it, navigating through the bush with poor visibility can quickly turn a fun adventure into a nightmare. That’s where quality driving lights come in. You need to be able to see where you’re going, especially when you’re off the beaten track.

At Brixton 4x4 Adventure, we’re here to help you choose the right set of driving lights for your off-road excursions, because we know that 4x4 enthusiasts have different needs than those urban city slickers 😉. So, gear up and get ready for some epic adventures in your rig! With our expert recommendations, you can hit the road less traveled with confidence, knowing that you’ve got the best gear to light up the path ahead.

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When it comes to off-road gear, reliability is king. Out in the wild, you never know what kind of crazy weather or gnarly bush tracks you’re going to encounter. That’s why your driving lights need to be tough enough to handle anything and everything that comes your way. From torrential rain to epic dust storms, you need driving lights that can stand up to some seriously intense conditions. And let’s face it, even on a sunny day, those 4x4 trails can be rough, muddy, and filled with plenty of water crossings that practically beg you to take your 4x4 for a plunge. But if your lights aren’t up to scratch, you could find yourself stuck in the dark just when you need them most. 

So, make sure you’re looking for driving lights that are IP69K certified to handle the elements. And don’t forget about waterproofing membranes to keep out water and dust. You’ll also want a sturdy aluminum housing with a UV-resistant powder coating, as well as polycarbonate lenses and filters to protect against rocks and other debris. Investing in quality driving lights means you can tackle any off-road adventure with confidence, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. 

driving lights


Driving on Australia's 4WD tracks and off-road areas takes some serious skill. Even the most experienced 4x4 enthusiasts can find themselves in tricky situations, and let's be real, it can get pretty dangerous out there. One minute you're cruising along, the next you're stuck in the mud or worse, upside down! That’s why it's crucial to have top-notch driving lights to keep you safe and sound. 

You don't want poor visibility to be the reason you end up in a sticky situation. Look for lights that produce high-contrast and wide beams, so you can see clearly and spot any hazards ahead. We also recommend choosing driving lights that emit neutral white light between 3,000°K and 5,000°K color temperature. This will give you accurate colors and minimize glare, so you won't be blinded by your own lights. LED lights are also a great choice because they throw light into your peripherals, something that standard HID or halogen spotlights can't do. With the right driving lights, you'll be able to see any obstacle in your way and avoid any mishaps. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road and your foot on the gas!

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OK, so drum roll please. Look no further than Supernova Lighting. Supernova have a huge range of off-road lighting that suit the 4x4 enthusiast. Their range consists of driving lights, light bars, rock lights, work lights, wiring harnesses and accessories. In particular, the driving lights range is a superior 4x4 light range that consists of the Infinite 8.5 LED driving lights which is a  powerful driving light with incredible distance and a modular beam pattern that unlocks 180º of flood coverage. High-speed straights or winding mountains, the Infinite is unmatched in all degrees. These lights are built tough, just like us Aussies, and are designed to withstand any challenge you throw their way. Whether you're tackling muddy trails or dusty roads, these lights will keep shining bright. They’re chip resistant, non-condensation technology, 5700 colour temp, IP69K waterproof rating and a lifetime warranty. Perfect for off-road adventures and highway driving. What else could you need!? 


Another epic option is the lightbar. Coming in all sizes, and unmatched and unparalleled, Supernova’s range of V3.0 light bars are often imitated but not matched. Pioneered multi reflector design with 120º flood coverage from end positioned scene reflectors, the Delta & Commander light bars cover all terrains with a comprehensive beam pattern. Reaching wider and further, the Commander V3.0 features a new Tri-Optic, multi-pattern reflector design that achieves superior visibility with leading optic efficiency. An evolutionary step in design that boasts a wider flood angle for the widest tracks and further distance on long high ways, so you can see further and brighter than ever before. 

Plus, it's fully waterproof (IP68) and built to last. For maximum visibility, we also recommend fitting combination filters to your driving lights. This will create a spread beam that can illuminate up to 1 LUX at 120m wide on the Lightforce Genesis. So, no matter where you're driving, you'll be able to see everything in your path. 

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Alright, so we've talked about the amazing driving lights and light bars that we recommend from Supernova, but did you know they also have some killer accessories to complete your off-road setup? Here are some of our top picks from their range.

First up, we've got wiring harnesses. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Wiring? That sounds boring." But trust us, these harnesses are a game-changer. They're designed to make installing your driving lights a breeze, and they even come with a switch and relay to ensure optimal performance. 

Next, we've got blackout covers. These bad boys are perfect for those times when you need to be stealthy, or you just want to change up the look of your lights. They're made from durable materials, so you can trust that they'll last through even the toughest conditions. 

Last but not least, we've got mounting brackets. These babies are the unsung heroes of any driving light setup. They're made specifically to fit Supernova driving lights, so you know you're getting the best quality. Plus, they're super easy to install and will keep your lights securely in place, even on the bumpiest of roads. So there you have it. With these Supernova Lighting accessories, you'll be able to take your off-road setup to the next level. Trust us, once you try them out, you won't want to hit the trails without them. 

driving light cover

In conclusion, guys, we hope you're now feeling pumped to hit the dirt with your 4x4 and Supernova driving lights. With the addition of some killer accessories like wiring harnesses, blackout covers and mounting brackets, your off-road game will be stronger than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and conquer the Aussie outback with Lightforce driving lights. You won't regret it! Remember to stay safe, have fun and keep on adventuring!

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