Rusted Bash Plate Replacement Options

Off-roading throughout outback Australia or exploring our endless beaches can take its toll on the integrity of our 4x4 vehicles.  We spend a considerable investment in purchasing our 4x4, and it is smart to consider further investment in the protection of that outlay.

Many newer model 4x4 utes are hitting the market with components that are advertised as 4x4 accessories, however many times these genuine parts are not as high a quality as those products that are specifically designed 4x4 accessories, engineered by 4x4 fanatics, for the Australian conditions.

We have recently been seeing an increase in enquiries from 4x4 owners who are experiencing corrosion and extensive rusting of genuine fitted bash plates.  4x4 ute owners are looking for an alternative solution to the original bash plates have a couple of brand options at Brixton 4x4. 

bash plate rust  bash plate corrosion

We all enjoy a bit of off-roading and the splashing through the waves at remote beaches, but rust can begin after a few small stone chips removed the paint off the powdercoated steel genuine bash plate.  Once chipped, the underlying metal is open to the elements and susceptible to salt and water, and corrosion spreads quickly.  The corrosions and rust reduces the strength of the underbody protection, and can potentially provide little to no protection.

As a solution we suggested that the genuine underbody plates be replaced with Custom Off-Road Bash Plates. who offer 3mm and 4mm stainless steel bash plate options. 


The 2 piece front and sump plates, in 4mm thickness, will give the ultimate protection to withstand underbody blows plus the ‘Custom Off-Road’ etching gives an awesome finish.

Custom Off-Road plates are made from stainless steel in 3mm or 4mm thickness, and come in several plate combinations to suit your vehicle type.  We also offer the option of the Rival lightweight 6mm aluminum underbody protection plates


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