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Rival 4x4 Accessories – Your Ultimate Guide

Hitting the Tracks with Rival 4x4 Accessories – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re the type to get your tyres muddy and your adrenaline pumping on off-road escapades, then you know the importance of decking out your rig with top-notch gear. And that’s where Rival 4x4 accessories slide in – they're like the Batman’s utility belt for your 4x4 adventures. In this ultimate guide, we're diving into the tough, durable world of Rival gear, with a cheeky wink at how these accessories make the outback more conquerable.

Rival bumper


Rival 4x4: A Brand You Can Rely On

Before we launch into the nitty-gritty of bumpers and bash plates, let’s chinwag about the brand that’s been beefing up our beasts – Rival 4x4. Born from a passion for the off-road lifestyle, Rival is synonymous with resilience. This isn’t your average gear; it’s a line of products backed by rigorous research, cutting-edge technology, and real-world testing (we’re talking about getting down and dirty in the toughest terrains).

Why We Trust Rival 4x4

  • Unyielding Quality: Rival’s commitment to quality is as solid as the Aussie Outback. From material selection to manufacturing processes, no corner is cut.
  • Innovative Design: They're not just making accessories; they're revolutionizing them. Every product is a fusion of function and form, designed to enhance your 4x4 experience.
  • Proven Durability: Rival accessories have been pushed to their limits in the toughest environments. They’ve been battered by the elements and have come out on top – now that’s what we call tested!

When you choose Rival, you’re not just outfitting your vehicle; you’re investing in a legacy of strength and dependability. That's why here at Brixton, we don’t just stock Rival – we swear by it.

Rival 4x4 bash plates


The Lowdown on Rival 4x4 Gear

Tough as Nails Front Bumpers

Let's start at the front, where the action kicks off! Rival’s front bumpers are not just about giving your ride a mean look; they're about business. Made to handle the harsh Australian bush, these bad boys offer protection and functionality.

  • Solid Build: Crafted from tough aluminium, they're designed to take a hit and come out smiling.
  • Accessory Friendly: Got lights? Winches? No dramas – Rival bumpers are ready to carry all your gadgets.
  • Airflow Consideration: They’re built smart – keeping your engine cool while you’re getting hot on the trails.
  • Crash Tested & ADR69 Compliant: Every RIVAL Aluminum Bumper is crash tested to ensure all factory safety systems work properly. Our bumpers provide the increased strength and safety without the added weight of a heavy steel bullbar.
  • Functional: RIVAL Aluminum Bumpers are compatible with most 3 Inch auxiliary fog/driving lights. The majority of our bumpers come standard with integrated winch mount and recovery points.
  • Easy to Install: Rival Aluminum Bumpers are designed to require minimal cutting or modification to your vehicle for OEM-style fit and finish and ease of installation.

Rival Bumper Next Gen Ford Ranger 2023+

Rival front bumper


Rear Bars That Mean Business

Swinging around to the back, we've got the Rival rear bars. If you reckon the front gets all the fun, wait until you see these.

  • Towing Made Easy: Hitch up the caravan or boat without a worry; these bars are made for the pull.
  • Recovery Ready: With integrated recovery points, they’re your best mate when the going gets tough.
  • Aluminum Mightiness: Crafted from high-grade aluminum, the Rival Rear Bumper provides unparalleled strength and protection, ensuring your Jeep Wrangler JL is ready to tackle any terrain, from rocky trails to city streets.

  • Tow with Confidence: Need to tow your gear or a trailer? The included receiver hitch, with a whopping 6,000 lbs rating, has got you covered. Always remember to consult your owner's manual for maximum towing capacity and recommended procedures to ensure a safe adventure.

  • Built for Recovery: Rival understands that offroad adventures sometimes come with challenges. That's why this bumper comes with reinforced tow hooks for quick and secure recovery, giving you peace of mind when you venture off the beaten path.

  • Hi-Lift Ready: If you're an offroad enthusiast, you know the value of a Hi-Lift jack. The Rival Rear Bumper is equipped with jack slots, making it a breeze to carry and use your Hi-Lift jack on your journeys.

  • Complete Package: Say goodbye to the hassle of mounting your license plate separately. This bumper comes with a license plate mount that readily accepts the factory original license plate light, ensuring you're always street-legal and adventure-ready.

  • ✅ 6mm thick aluminium
  • ✅ Lightweightt aluminium
  • ✅ Reinforced towing eyes
  • ✅ Light included

Rival Rear Bar suitable for Next Gen Ford Ranger

Rival 4x4 rear bumper


Underbody Protection – Your 4x4’s Armour

Now, let’s talk about the unsung hero – Rival underbody protection. Rival doesn’t mess around here.

  • Vital Component Shielding: Keep your engine and drivetrain safe from rocks, stumps, and everything the land throws at you.
  • Sleek Design: Not only protective but also crafted to minimise drag and not weigh you down.
  • Precise Manufacturing: High-quality laser cut Rival skid plates are made from deep stamped aluminium alloy or steel.
  • Functionality: RIVAL offers skid plate configurations for many vehicles. These are modular, no drill, high strength systems designed to protect your vehicles undercarriage against the harshest of terrain.

Find out more about deep stamping and why this technology provides additional strength and allows for more complex shapes here.

Rival Aluminum Underbody Engine Armour for Ford Ranger Next Gen / Everest Next Gen / Raptor

Rival bash plates


Rival Gear Across Car Brands

When it comes to gearing up for a rugged adventure, one size does not fit all – especially in the diverse landscape of 4x4 vehicles. That’s where Rival steps up to the challenge, offering a suite of accessories that are as varied as the makes and models that traverse our great Aussie terrains.

Whether you're piloting a robust Toyota LandCruiser, navigating the outback in a trusty Nissan Patrol, or charging through creeks in a Ford Ranger, Rival's got your back. Let's roll call some of the top brands and models that can be decked out with Rival's exceptional gear:

  • Toyota: From the unbreakable Hilux to the ever-reliable Prado, Rival accessories are tailored to enhance these trailblazers' capabilities.
  • Nissan: Tough Navaras and rugged X-Trails alike can be fitted out with Rival’s gear for an extra edge in durability.
  • Ford: Ranger drivers can rejoice, as Rival offers custom pieces to turn your vehicle into a fortress on wheels.
  • Mitsubishi: Triton owners, fear not. Rival has your underbody protection sorted for that extra peace of mind.
  • Holden: Colorado’s rough and ready vibe is complemented by Rival’s rugged accessories.
  • Isuzu: D-Max and MU-X models get an extra dose of toughness with Rival’s range of gear.
  • Volkswagen: Amarok adventurers, Rival hasn’t forgotten you – gear up and get ready to conquer.
  • Jeep: Take your Wrangler or Grand Cherokee to the next level with Rival’s sturdy add-ons.

Rival understands that each brand and model has its unique character and requirements. That’s why they’ve engineered a product range that respects the individuality of each vehicle while enhancing its off-road prowess.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Rival front bumpers handle heavy winches? A: You bet! These bumpers are built tough to accommodate winches, even for the most strenuous recoveries.

Q: Are Rival rear bars easy to install? A: Mate, they're designed for a straightforward fitment, but we recommend having a pro give it a gander to ensure it’s done right.

Q: How do I know if Rival underbody protection will fit my vehicle? A: Rival’s got a range for most popular 4x4 models. Just check with your Brixton 4x4 specialist for compatibility.

Q: Can I still access my vehicle's tow points with a Rival bumper? A: For sure – Rival bumpers are designed to retain all your factory functionalities.

Q: Do Rival accessories come with a warranty? A: Yep, Rival stands behind their gear with a solid warranty. Peace of mind is part of the package.


In the world of 4x4s, Rival accessories are like a cold one at the end of a scorching day – deeply satisfying and exactly what you need. They provide the protection your vehicle deserves and the style that makes others take notice. With front bumpers that command attention, rear bars that back up their tough looks, and underbody protection that's second to none, Rival ensures you’re geared up for whatever the great Aussie outdoors throws at you.


For the lads who like their vehicles rugged and ready, Rival 4x4 accessories on the Brixton 4x4 Adventure website are your go-to. Remember, when you're ready to beef up your ride, jump onto the Brixton 4x4 website. It’s the easiest way to kit out your rig with the gear it deserves. Stay dusty, mates!

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