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Find out more about Outback Armour Lift Kits

Are you thinking of getting or upgrading your 4WD suspension kit? Look no further, because we've got everything you need to know in this review.

One of the toughest and best brands that we recommend is the Outback Armour range of suspension and lift kits. Did you know that Outback Armour started off in a garage underneath a house just ten years ago? The founder was actually designing suspension for armored vehicles, but then decided to bring that same technology to everyday 4x4's and utes. That's great news for us 4x4 enthusiasts! 

With an Outback Armour suspension kit, you can lift your vehicle and add more weight without worrying about clearance. This means you can slap on a steel bull bar, canopy, winch, roof platform and anything else you need and still hit the toughest trails around. 

outback armour lift kit


The Performance Range

The performance range of Outback Armour lift kits is designed for those who want better handling both on and off the road. These kits come with a bigger oil reservoir than your factory suspension, allowing for improved shock absorption and reduced fade on bumpy terrain.

The shock absorbers in the performance range are nitro-charged and have a 65mm body, which helps to prevent the suspension from getting too soft and bouncy on dirt roads. This means you'll have more control over your vehicle and a smoother ride, even on rough terrain.

Outback Armour uses only the highest quality oils, seals, and valves in their performance range of lift kits, ensuring you don't have to worry about maintenance and can focus on enjoying your ride. Whether you're taking on challenging trails or cruising on the open road, the Outback Armour performance range is sure to deliver a comfortable and reliable ride.

The Performance range is a great price point and fits many of the popular models of 4x4's such as the Prado, Everest, Navara and Pajero. Check out this Outback Armour Front & Rear Suspension Kit to suit Ford Ranger 2018+

outback armour lift kit

 What are the differences?

Within the Performance range of lift kits, there are 3 different types of kits. Let me explain all about the Trail Unladen, Expedition 150kg, and Expedition HD 350kg lift kits from Outback Armour;

  1. Trail Unladen: The Trail Unladen lift kit is designed for 4x4s that are used for light-duty off-roading or daily driving. It offers a moderate lift height and is suitable for vehicles that are unladen or carrying light loads. This kit is perfect for those who want a lift kit that improves off-road capabilities without sacrificing on-road comfort. Pros: Improves off-road capability, better ground clearance, enhances appearance. Cons: Limited load-carrying capacity, not suitable for heavy-duty off-roading.

  2. Expedition 150kg: The Expedition 150kg lift kit is designed for those who    need a lift kit that can handle heavier loads, such as camping gear, tools, and equipment. It provides a higher lift height than the Trail Unladen kit and is suitable for vehicles carrying up to 150kg of additional weight. Pros: Can handle heavy loads, improves off-road capability, better ground clearance. Cons: Reduced on-road comfort compared to the Trail Unladen kit, not suitable for heavy-duty off-roading.

  3. Expedition HD 350kg: The Expedition HD 350kg lift kit is designed for heavy-duty off-roading and for vehicles that carry a lot of weight, such as those with bull bars, winches, and other accessories. It provides the highest lift height and can handle up to 350kg of additional weight. Pros: Can handle the heaviest loads, improves off-road capability, better ground clearance. Cons: Reduced on-road comfort compared to the other two kits, not suitable for daily driving.


So, which lift kit is best for certain 4x4 conditions? It depends on your specific needs. If you are using your 4x4 for light-duty off-roading or daily driving, the Trail Unladen kit is a good choice. If you need to carry additional weight, such as camping gear or equipment, then the Expedition 150kg kit is the way to go. If you plan to tackle heavy-duty off-road terrain or carry a lot of weight, then the Expedition HD 350kg kit is the best option.

outback armour trail unladen lift kit


 What else do you need?

So in addition to your new lift kit, you'll need some other must-haves before you hit the trails which I'll discuss now. 

Bump stops:

Listen up mate, a lot of people forget about bump stops, especially when carrying heavy loads in the back of the vehicle. Most bump stops are just a solid piece of rubber, which can cause damage over time. But Outback Armour has got your back with their progressive bump stops. These things have a cushioning effect, which makes them a lot safer for you and your ride. If you're carrying a heavier load in the back, these bump stops are a must-have.

Adjustable suspension kits:

Now, if you're looking for the best of the best, you gotta check out the adjustable series. These kits come with an adjustable threaded seat on the top, which lets you fine-tune the car depending on the terrain and road type. Perfect for those long touring trips where you'll be facing all kinds of gnarly roads and rocky surfaces. The best thing about these kits is that they've got a larger oil reservoir, which means they stay cooler and perform better than regular kits.

Steering dampeners:

Alright, let's talk about steering dampeners. These babies are perfect for your solid front axle truck, like patrols and land cruisers. They're big and tough, with heavy duty valving to help control that wheel shimmy.

Coil springs:

When it comes to coil springs, Outback Armour has got you covered. They offer three different spring rates for each vehicle. You've got your Trail springs for standard rides, your Expedition springs for vehicles with a steel bull bar, and finally the Expedition HD springs for those with a steel bull bar and winch. You don't want to over-spring your ride or you'll end up with problems like CV angle and driveline issues. So make sure you choose the right spring for the weight you'll be carrying.

Leaf springs:

Now, let's talk leaf springs. You want to get the maximum lift without getting driveline problems, right? Outback Armour offers between three and four leaf springs to choose from, depending on how much load you'll have on a daily basis. They've got Trail leaf springs, which will take up to 150kg of constant load, all the way up to the big boys that can handle 500 - 800 kilos. When setting up your vehicle, make sure you choose the right spring for your daily load. And when you buy a kit from Outback Armour, you get everything you need, no hidden costs.

So, there you have it. Outback Armour's suspension kits are top-notch, with polyurethane bushes and greaseable pins and shackles. Plus, they're all manufactured right here in Australia. Just make sure you plan carefully before adding any accessories to your ride, you don't want to compromise on comfort or driveline.

lift kits


Brixton 4x4 Adventure stocks a huge range of Outback Armour suspension, lift kits and accessories to suit most 4x4 vehicles. You can either BUY NOW OR GET A PERSONALISED QUOTE on our website. So you get the right products the team at Brixton 4x4 are here to help. By completing your details on the product page about your vehicle and how you plan to use it, we can find the right solution for you. Otherwise, in office hours, jump on the online chat and speak to our team live.  

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