Aftermarket Accessories for your new Mazda BT50 Dual Cab Ute

So you scored yourself a new Mazda BT50 dual cab ute! Great, now you have the perfect ute to get you around town, to the job site plus take the family camping on the weekends. Although the Mazda BT50 comes in a range of vehicle chassis's, with a multitude of standard accessories, some items you'll still need to get aftermarket. 

Mazda BT50 Aftermarket Accessories

You have come to the right place for all your aftermarket accessories for Mazda bt50 vehicles. These upgrades include performance, work ute enhancements, style upgrades and accessories that will get you and the family on your next camping or beach adventure.

Our online shop has Mazda BT 50 accessories for every occassion.

Mazda BT50 Load Bars 
hsp load bars for mazda bt50

Load Bars from HSP for Mazda BT50 are cross bars for your ute tray area. These heavy duty bars are perfect fixing items you need to carry for work or adventure. Load up the HSP Load Bars with up to 80kgs of gear, such as bikes, storage boxes or work gear. These Load Bars are unobstructive and are designed to clear any ute tray covers or roller lids.

If you are looking for a full tray style coverage, you can't beat the Front Runner Mazda BT50 RollTrac Slimline Load Bed Rack. 
Tailgate Aftermarket Accessories 

Although the Mazda BT 50 standard accessories are great, one must have accessory is the Tailgate Strut Assist system from HSP. Easy to fix to your Mazda BT50 the Tailgate Strut Assists dampen the weight when the tailgate is declining and lowers the weight of the tailgate when closing.

mazda bt50 tailgate strut assist

This increases the safety for you and your family; protection for the kids from the fall of the heavy tailgate and keep the wife happy with a lighter close.

Go Deep With A Snorkel

Are you a real adventurer? If mud, rivers and sandy adventures are in your future, you have come to the right place. We have the industry leading Safari snorkel range, perfect for your 4x4 vehicle. A perfect aftermarket accessory due to its easy installation, the Mazda BT50 Safari Snorkel Air Ram is designed to remove the maximum volume of water from the incoming air stream, while delivering the maximum airflow to your vehicle’s engine. We have snorkels to suit Mazda vehicles from 2011 up till the current model BT50.

The Bigger The Better With Flares

mazda bt50 fender flares

What to beef up your vehicle with some nice new wheels and tyres, then you also might need to add some fender flares to your vehicle. Increasing the size of your wheel can sometimes push your wheel outside the wheel hub, making it illegal size. The easy solution for this is adding some stylish new Mazda BT50 Fender Flares. Available in standard black fenders, bolt style and colour match, these fender flares will get your vehicle legal and add a tough bulky new appearance.

Light Up Your Life... & The Road

supernova lightbars and rocklights

Whether you want to light up your path ahead or just make your sweet new Mazda BT50 look awesome, then some driving lights should be on your shopping list. We have light bars, spot lights, work lights and super cool, app controlled colour changing rock lights. Protect you vehicle and make your offroad experience safer and more fun! Our most popular light for Mazda is the light bar by Supernova. Available in single row Detla lightbar or double row Commandar lightbar, these lights are made to the highest quality, sturdy stainless steel brackes and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Towbars For All Mazda Vehicles

Our complete range of TAG and Brink Towbars ensures we have a towbar to suit every Mazda vehicle, including the BT50. We have the standard towbar, perfect for small trailers and bike hitches, heavy duty towbars for caravans and work trailers and the Heavy Duty Recovery Towbar for Mazda BT50 vehicles, perfect to get you and others out of sticky situations when offroading.

Plug n Play Performance Enhancement

We stock the EliteDrive Throttle Controller for the Mazda BT50. Elitedrive Throttle Master is a premium quality, easy installation Plug n Play device for Passenger, SUV, and Light Commercial vehicles, that provides you with absolute control over your vehicles throttle response. By electronically presenting your BT50 vehicle’s throttle with a range of new mapping reference points, you can introduce more or less throttle response by simply selecting your preferred model. You will feel immediate benefits to the rate of acceleration and decreased throttle lag to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. Available from $229. 

We also stock the Hulk Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controller to suit the Mazda BT50. Applicable for modern vehicles that use “fly-by-wire” throttle technology, in other words, vehicles without an accelerator cable. Most fly-by-wire vehicles have a delay from the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed to the time the signal gets to the throttle, otherwise known as “lag”. Available from $225.   

We have a huge range of Mazda aftermarket accessories, including the popular BT-50.

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