ROH Axe Wheels in Matte Graphite with Matte Black Lip

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  • Introducing the ROH Axe 4x4 Wheel: Elevating Your Off-Road Experience

    At ROH Wheels, we pride ourselves on engineering excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Our latest addition to the esteemed ROH Dakar Proven Wheels® lineup, the ROH Axe 4x4 wheel, represents the pinnacle of off-road wheel design and performance. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the intricate details and exceptional features that make the Axe wheel a standout choice for discerning off-road enthusiasts.

    17×9 6/139.7 12 1250kg
    17×9 6/139.7 35 1050kg
    18×9 6/139.7 12 1250kg
    18×9 6/139.7 25 1250kg
    18×9 6/139.7 35 1050kg

    Unveiling the Axe: Design and Features

    The ROH Axe wheel boasts a captivating design characterized by its distinct split twin-spoke configuration, accentuated by a meticulously crafted beadlock-style matte black lip adorned with bold black bolts. Available in striking Matt Graphite with Matt Black Lip or a commanding full Matte Black finish, the Axe exudes an aura of rugged sophistication.

    Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Axe features our proprietary ROH Easycleans® Graphite & Matt Black Baked Enamel finish. This advanced coating not only enhances the wheel's aesthetic appeal but also delivers unparalleled resistance to salt spray and adverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity and resilience in the harshest environments.

    Uncompromising Performance and Versatility

    Versatility is a hallmark of the ROH Axe wheel, offering compatibility with a wide array of popular 4x4 and SUV vehicles. Whether you own a top-selling Hilux, Prado, Ranger, D-Max, BT-50, Triton, or LC300, the Axe is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle, elevating both its appearance and off-road capability.

    Fitment Options

    • Size: The Axe is available in both 17” and 18” sizes, catering to diverse preferences and vehicle specifications.
    • Offset: With offset options ranging from 12 to 35, the Axe ensures optimal fitment and performance tailored to your vehicle's requirements.
    • Load Rating: Engineered to meet rigorous standards, the Axe boasts impressive load ratings, ranging from 1050kg to 1250kg, guaranteeing robust performance under demanding conditions.

    Elevate Your Off-Road Experience

    Whether you're tackling rugged terrain or cruising through urban landscapes, the ROH Axe wheel is your ultimate companion for adventure. With its captivating design, uncompromising performance, and unparalleled durability, the Axe sets a new standard for off-road excellence.

    Ideal for GVM+ Suspension Upgrades

    Designed with the needs of off-road enthusiasts in mind, the Axe is particularly well-suited for vehicles undergoing GVM+ suspension upgrades. Its robust construction and superior load-bearing capacity make it the perfect choice for enhancing both aesthetics and performance without compromising safety or reliability.

    Explore the Possibilities with ROH

    As a pioneer in off-road wheel technology, ROH Wheels is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship. With a diverse range of premium wheels designed to exceed expectations, we invite you to explore our full lineup and elevate your off-road experience with ROH.

  • Vehicle Guide
  • This is to be taken as a guide only. We have listed below a few popular vehicle makes with wheel sizes & offsets.


    Talk with our online chat if you have quesitons about sizing.

    Enter your registration number and state when you place your order and our team will ensure the correct wheel is shipped to fit your vehicle.


    Ford Ranger PX-PXIII No Flares
    (2011 - 2022)
    17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9 +30 to 35mm
    Ford Ranger PX-PXIII With Flares
    (2011 - 2022)
    17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9 +20 to 30mm
    Ford Ranger Next Gen No Flares
    17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9 +30 to 55mm
    Ford Ranger Next Gen With Flares
    17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9 +20 to 30mm
    Isuzu D-Max
    (2012 - 2020)
    18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x9 +10 to 25mm
    Isuzu D-Max
    18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x9 +10 to 25mm
    Mazda BT50
    (2011 - 2020)
    16x7, 16x8, 17x7, 17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9 +30 to 35mm
    Mazda BT50
    17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 19x8.5 +30 to 33mm
    Mitsubishi Triton MQ
    (2015 - 2018)
    16x7, 16x8, 17x7, 17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9 +15 to 35mm
    Mitsubishi Triton MR
    18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9 +18 to 35mm
    Nissan Navara D22 Series 1
    (2000 - 2015)
    16x8, 17x7, 17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5 +30 to 40mm
    Nissan Navara D23 Series 3 - Cab Chassis
    16x7 +30 to 45mm
    Nissan Navara D23 Series 3 - Dual Cab
    16x7, 16x8, 17x7, 17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9 +30 to 35mm
    Toyota Hilux N70 KUN Facelift No Flares
    (2011 - 2015)
    15x6.5, 16x7 +30 to 40mm
    Toyota Hilux N80 GUN Revo
    (2015 - 2022)
    18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9 +15 to 30mm
    Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series 17x8, 17x8.5, 17x9, 18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9 +35mm
    Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series 17x18x8, 18x8.5, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9 +35 to 40mm
    Volkswagen Amarok
    16x8,17x8, 17x8.5, 18x8, 18x8.5 +30 to 40mm
  • Wheel Offset Chart
  • Wheel Offset is the clearance between the inside of the wheel and the strut housing. It will also show how far the outside of the wheel edge will extend or retract. If you reduce the inner clearance too much or push the wheel out too far, the tire might rub or not fit at all. This calculator is for information purposes only and we do not guarantee fitment based on this calculator alone.  


    You can also try using this free online WHEEL CALCUALTOR.

    wheel offset

    wheel offset chart

    Our team are also available on online chat during business hours to assist in choosing the correct size wheel for your vehicle.


    Checkout our range online or chat with our team via online chat if you need help choosing the right size. 

    Our range includes Ford Ranger wheel rims, Toyota Hilux wheel rims, VW Amarok wheel rims, Mazda BT50 wheel rims, Isuzu Dmax & MUX wheel rims, and many more.

  • Delivery
  • Free delivery is not available on Wheels & Tyres.

    Wheels Wheels Rims, Wheels, Tyres Price per wheel varies depending on wheel weight and shipping destination. Shipping costs for East coast of Australia start at approx. $20 per wheel.


    Free is not available on Wheels & Tyres.





    * Oversize, heavy or bulky items are excluded from free freight. Costs will vary depending on delivery location.  

    Shipping Category Description Example Estimate Costs
    Standard General items Camping gear, lights, electrical

    $15 to FREE


    Oversize Items - 1 Large items, low weight Flares, large roof racks $45 - $90
    Oversize Items - 2 Medium size, heavy items Winches, bash plates, lift kits $50 - $100
    Oversize Items - 3 Long / oversize items Awnings, long cross bars $50 - $200
    Oversize Items - 4 Over 25kgs or very large Large bike racks $100 - $200
    Oversize Items - 5 Large - delivery to commercial address only Roller covers & lids $50 - $100
    Wheels Wheels Rims, Wheels, Tyres From. $20 per wheel 
    Towing Towing Towbars, hitches From $40 per delivery, depending on product size and destination.
    Protection Protection Bullbars, rear bars, side steps, nudge bars From $100 per delivery, depending on product size and destination.


    #excludes remote or island locations.  Some products are not available for delivery to NT, WA or TAS.


    USA & New Zealand Freight Available

    Rates as per Australia Post calculator, available in the Cart/Checkout.


    Wheels & Tyres

    Wheel & tyre freight charges vary depending on the quantity purchased.  The online freight calculator at checkout will provide accurate price, dependent upon total weight of the goods purchased.  Minimum freight is $20 for 1 wheel or tyre.  Online wheel & tyres orders can only be purchased for QLD, NSW, VIC and ACT.  For all other orders please email or call our team.






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