Clearview Compact Towing Mirrors for Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022+

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  • ✅ Electric mirrors
  • ✅ Indicators included
  • ✅ Blind spot monitoring optional
  • ✅ Powerfold optional
  • ✅ Camera Provision optional
  • ✅ Heat optional


Features :
Colour :

OEM Features Only

Clearview mirrors will work with existing OEM mirror features. Please select options compatible with your vehicle.
Features will need to match your existing mirror features. For example, if your mirrors currently have a Camera feature, you can select Clearview Camera mirrors. If your mirrors currently do not, and you buy mirrors that have this feature, they will not work.

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  • Description
  • Description
  • The Clearview Compact Towing Mirrors are designed for the Ford Ranger Next Gen 05/2022 - 02/2023, providing the same mirror size and driving position as OEM mirrors.

    Click here for Installation Instructions

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    Three Driving Postions

    Normal, First & Extended Driving Positions

    Brixton 4x4
    Brixton 4x4
    Suitable Vehicles: This mirror set is suitable for all Ford Ranger Next Gen 2022+NOTE: Mirrors are custom made and current production time is 2-3 weeks, plus shipping.
    Important Notes All Clearview Mirrors are made to order. At this time production is approximately 2-3 weeks (plus shipping).
    *Please note that mirror features specified in the above mirror descriptions are the only features included in the mirror. Any features not specified are not included in the Towing Mirror. Please compare our listed features with your standard vehicle mirror to understand what features you may be missing in your new Clearview mirror. If Powerfold, Camera or BSM is not specified in our mirror description, then we do not have it available for your model at this time. Clearview Towing mirrors do not extend or retract electrically or include auto reverse-dip functionality.

     Important - Please Read!

    Clearview Towing Mirrors to suit the MY2022 Ford Ranger & Everest are Licenced Ford Accessories. They have been built in conjunction with Ford Motor Company and are tested and approved by Ford for installation on the new Ranger and Everest models.

    Your MY2022 Ford Ranger & Everest may be equipped with Driver Assist Features including 360-Degree Cameras, Reverse Brake Assist and Active Park Assist. When disconnecting and removing the original side mounted mirrors equipped with 360-degree cameras, these Driver Assist Features will be affected, and fault codes will be displayed in your vehicle.

    When any camera has been disconnected and/or replaced in the MY2022 Ford Ranger or Everest, a Camera Realignment Procedure needs to be performed by an Authorised Ford Dealer to ensure the correct operation of all Driver Assist Features and to remove any displayed fault codes.

    Installing Clearview Towing Mirrors (with 360 deg camera option) will therefore require a Camera Realignment Procedure. A Ford Motor Company dealer can perform this Camera Realignment Procedure once the installation and camera alignment process has been completed, as per the Clearview Mirror Installation Instructions.

    You will need to make an appointment with your local Ford Motor Company Dealer as soon as possible after the installation of your Clearview Towing Mirrors. The Ford Dealer will charge a fee to perform this realignment procedure, which will be additional to the purchase cost of your Clearview Towing Mirrors and additional to the installation cost of your new mirrors.

    Residual fault codes must be cleared for any future Ford software updates to be completed as any underlying issues may prevent a successful update.

    **Important **
    Mirror Features Overview

    Every feature found in your vehicle's original side-view mirror is replicated in the Clearview Towing Mirror. However, if a feature like Heating, BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring), or Powerfold wasn't included as standard in your vehicle, Clearview Towing Mirrors won't offer it.

    The Powerfold mirror functionality is strictly a replacement feature. Should your vehicle not come equipped with Powerfold as a factory setting, this feature will remain inactive unless it's hardwired by an automotive electrician.

    Vehicles originally equipped with Powerfold/Auto Fold mirrors will find that these features operate as expected with our mirrors.

    Absent the Powerfold option selection, our mirrors will only support manual adjustment.

    Indicators/Turn Signals

    When activating your turn signal, lights positioned on the exterior of the mirror head will light up. Legislation mandates the inclusion of indicators within Clearview Mirrors for vehicles that originally had indicator lights in their OEM (Original Electric Mirror) mirrors.

    Without the indicator option chosen, the mirrors will lack turn signals, making them only appropriate for vehicles that didn't have indicators built into their mirrors from the factory.

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    Customer Reviews

    Great after sale service

    Item as described and definite throttle improvments. Great communication and fast postage. Easy install (and uninstall). Still early days before fully recommending this product for the LDV G10. Thanks for the product and great after sales service!

    LDV G10

    Wednesday, Feb 22 2023

    It will blow your mind

    WoW ?? this is amazing, the whole deal, got a text next morning for the rego number, email with tracking details, so easy to plug in 5 mins, great photos and instructions, started up, wow took my Chrysler 300c diesel into v8 power range, it is 1000% better than i could have ever imagined, highly recommend everyone to buy one it will blow your mind.

    Wednesday, Jan 26, 2023


    Super stoked with the elite drive system make’s a massive difference super fast shipping, highly recommend to anyone whos looking for that lil bit extra power on the throttle A++++++


    Wednesday, Jan 12, 2023

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