Clearview Compact Towing Mirror for Toyota LC 300 Sahara / Sahara ZX / GR Sport 2021+

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  • ✅ Electric mirrors
  • ✅ Indicators included
  • ✅ Blind spot monitoring optional
  • ✅ Powerfold optional
  • ✅ Camera Provision optional


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OEM Features Only

Clearview mirrors will work with existing OEM mirror features. Please select options compatible with your vehicle.
Features will need to match your existing mirror features. For example, if your mirrors currently have a Camera feature, you can select Clearview Camera mirrors. If your mirrors currently do not, and you buy mirrors that have this feature, they will not work.

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  • Description
  • Description
  •  Looking for caravan towing mirrors for your Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series Sahara / Sahara ZX / GR Sport 2021+, try these Clearview Towing Mirrors!


    The Next Generation in Towing Mirrors

    The Clearview® Next Gen Mirror represents the next generation in towing mirrors. If you want a stylish mirror that eliminates blind spots and ensures your safety through improved vision, this is the mirror for you.

    Telescopic 2-stage extension provides 2 towing positions to choose from, allowing you to see down the side of your van when towing and won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.

    A dual mirror design incorporating an upper large flat glass for reflecting true distance and lower convex glass for a broader view of the vehicle’s surrounds makes this the ultimate towing mirror recommended for all of your towing needs.

    This is the mirror for you if you want wide visibility and safety without the size of our Original Clearview Towing Mirrors®.


    Next Gen Towing Mirror features

    • Mirror size and driving position comparable to OEM mirrors
    • Telescopic 2-stage extension provides 2 towing positions to choose from, and won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.
    • Extends up to 180mm for towing
    • Large top mirror 1:1 ratio. This large, flat mirror provides a narrower field of view, reflecting true distance for reversing. It provides an exact reflection of what’s happening behind you.
    • Smaller bottom mirror. This slightly curved mirror makes objects appear further away than they are. The convex mirror reduces the objects that it reflects, allowing the driver to have a much wider field view and diminishing blind spots. This mirror provides a better understanding of what’s happening around the vehicle.
    • Choice of manual or power folding* (*Options may vary depending on make, model and year of vehicle)
    • Choice of black, chrome and raw finish which can be painted to any colour to match your vehicle (Done at any third party auto painting service)
    • ADR compliant, tough Australian design, built to last
    • Due to their double mirror design, Next Gen's are recommended for all your towing needs.
    • Clearview towing mirrors® fold inwards or outwards if accidentally struck whilst 4WDing or parked. 

    Three Driving Postions

    Normal, First & Extended Driving Positions

    Brixton 4x4
    Brixton 4x4
    Suitable Vehicles: This mirror set is suitable for all Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Sahara / Sahara ZX / GR Sport 2022+NOTE: Mirrors are custom made and current production time is 2-3 weeks, plus shipping.
    Important Notes All Clearview Mirrors are made to order. At this time production is approximately 2-3 weeks (plus shipping).

    **Important **
    Mirror Features Overview

    Every feature found in your vehicle's original side-view mirror is replicated in the Clearview Towing Mirror. However, if a feature like Heating, BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring), or Powerfold wasn't included as standard in your vehicle, Clearview Towing Mirrors won't offer it.

    The Powerfold mirror functionality is strictly a replacement feature. Should your vehicle not come equipped with Powerfold as a factory setting, this feature will remain inactive unless it's hardwired by an automotive electrician.

    Vehicles originally equipped with Powerfold/Auto Fold mirrors will find that these features operate as expected with our mirrors.

    Absent the Powerfold option selection, our mirrors will only support manual adjustment.

    Indicators/Turn Signals

    When activating your turn signal, lights positioned on the exterior of the mirror head will light up. Legislation mandates the inclusion of indicators within Clearview Mirrors for vehicles that originally had indicator lights in their OEM (Original Electric Mirror) mirrors.

    Without the indicator option chosen, the mirrors will lack turn signals, making them only appropriate for vehicles that didn't have indicators built into their mirrors from the factory.

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    Customer Reviews

    Great after sale service

    Item as described and definite throttle improvments. Great communication and fast postage. Easy install (and uninstall). Still early days before fully recommending this product for the LDV G10. Thanks for the product and great after sales service!

    LDV G10

    Wednesday, Feb 22 2023

    It will blow your mind

    WoW ?? this is amazing, the whole deal, got a text next morning for the rego number, email with tracking details, so easy to plug in 5 mins, great photos and instructions, started up, wow took my Chrysler 300c diesel into v8 power range, it is 1000% better than i could have ever imagined, highly recommend everyone to buy one it will blow your mind.

    Wednesday, Jan 26, 2023


    Super stoked with the elite drive system make’s a massive difference super fast shipping, highly recommend to anyone whos looking for that lil bit extra power on the throttle A++++++


    Wednesday, Jan 12, 2023

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