Upgrading Your GVM? Here's what else you need.

Answering Adventure's Call: Amp Up Your 4x4 for the Ultimate Ride!

Ready for rugged terrains? A 4x4 is mighty, but upgrades elevate its game. We've added a winch-ready bull bar, tow bar, bash plates, side steps, snorkel, and canopy. But more gear means more weight. Solution: GVM upgrade. Enhance your vehicle's weight capacity and conquer the wild effortlessly. Explore this blog for an in-depth GVM guide and discover overlooked essential accessories.

GVM upgrade 

Decoding GVM: Why It's Crucial for Your 4x4!

GVM denotes your 4x4's maximum legal weight, covering its base, accessories, cargo, passengers, and even towing loads. Essentially, it's your vehicle's safety weight limit.

Exceeding this limit affects your vehicle's performance: tricky terrains become harder, emergency responses slow down, braking is less efficient, and it leads to faster wear, risking expensive repairs.

Recognize its importance? Let's explore GVM aftermarket upgrades essentials!

GVM upgrade


The Crux of the Upgrade - Bolstering Your Suspension

For tackling rugged landscapes, the heart of any 4x4 lies in its suspension. Key to a top-notch GVM upgrade? Picking the perfect Australian aftermarket suspension. After delving deep, two names shone bright: Outback Armour and EFS. Both champions in durability and support, they're ready to bear the brunt of extra weight, ensuring smooth rides on the rockiest paths.

OUtback Armour suspension


When it comes to selecting the perfect suspension upgrade for your off-road beast, Outback Armour and EFS offer top-of-the-line options that can withstand the toughest terrains. Let's explore each brand's offerings in more detail.

EFS Suspension: Elite, XTR, and Xtreme

EFS is renowned for providing a range of suspension lift kits designed to cater to various off-road needs. The EFS Elite suspension kit is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance of comfort and off-road performance. It enhances ride quality and stability, making it suitable for both daily driving and weekend adventures.

For those who crave a more aggressive upgrade, the EFS XTR suspension lift kit steps up the game. With increased ground clearance and improved off-road capabilities, this kit is ideal for thrill-seekers who want to take their GVM upgrade to the next level.

If you're a hardcore off-roader looking for the ultimate GVM suspension upgrade performance, the EFS Xtreme suspension lift kit is the way to go. This heavy-duty setup is engineered to tackle extreme terrains, providing unmatched strength and durability for the most demanding off-road exploits. If you've got a heavy loaded rig, this is the type of suspension upgrade you need. The Xtreme kit suits vehicles with a constant load of up to 500kg.  


Outback Armour Suspension: Expedition HD and Trail

Outback Armour's Expedition HD suspension is tailored for off-roaders craving durability in challenging landscapes, ensuring stability during rigorous adventures—ideal for a GVM upgrade. Alternatively, their Outback Armour's Trail suspension kit is designed for varied terrains, boasting enhanced articulation and comfort. It's perfect for those thirsting for diverse off-road explorations.

 suspension lift kits


Enhancing Safety and Visibility

For off-roaders in Australia with a GVM upgrade, towing mirrors aren't just an add-on; they're essential, especially when hauling large loads like caravans or trailers. They're not just a safety best practice, but they're legally mandated. Let's dive into their significance and the rules surrounding them.

 Legal Requirements in Australia

In Australia, if you're towing something wider than your vehicle, the law says you need towing mirrors. They ensure you see your entire load and keep everyone safe on the road. Even if your load isn't wider, if it blocks your view, consider using towing mirrors for safety.

Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors - A GVM Upgrade's Perfect Match

When it comes to selecting the right towing mirrors for your GVM-upgraded 4x4, Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors stand out as the go-to choice. These premium mirrors are specifically designed to remove blind spots and ensuring confident manoeuvring with big loads. They have LED indicators for clear signalling. Plus, with electric adjustability and heating, they combat fog and ice for a safer, clearer view.

towing mirrors

Enhancing GVM upgrade with Wheels

Upgrading wheels for your GVM 4x4 is vital. Wheels connect your vehicle to the terrain, and quality ones support added weight and off-road demands. Let's dive into the significance and discuss some top load-rated options - Method, King, ROH, American Outlaw.

Enhanced Load-Carrying Capacity

After a GVM upgrade, your vehicle carries more. Stock wheels might struggle with this added weight, risking wear or damage. Upgraded wheels, designed for greater loads, ensure your 4x4's reliability on tough terrains and with heavy loads.

Improved Performance on Rugged Terrains

Off-roading exposes you to tough terrains. Premium aftermarket wheels, tailored for off-road, ensure durability and better handling. Their reinforced build withstands trail challenges, guaranteeing smoother rides.


Example 1: Method NV

The Method NV is favoured by off-road fans for its rugged design and high load rating, ideal for GVM upgrades. Its signature 12-spoke look, available in diverse finishes, enhances your 4x4's style.

Example 2: Method Mesh

For those seeking a unique and head-turning design, the Method Mesh Method Mesh wheels combine a unique look with a high load rating, ideal for GVM-upgraded vehicles. They ensure dependable performance across all terrains.

Upgrading your wheels when getting a GVM upgrade is a critical step to ensure your 4x4 can handle the challenges that come your way.

method wheels


You've transformed your 4x4 with a GVM aftermarket upgrade/modifications, unlocking a realm of boundless adventures. From bolstering your suspension with brands like Outback Armour and EFS, to enhancing safety with Clearview Next Gen Towing Mirrors, your rig is set for epic journeys. Coupled with sturdy wheels from Method, ROH, King Wheels or American Outlaw, your vehicle stands ready to tackle challenging terrains. Prioritize safety, comply with regulations, and gear up for unforgettable trips in your optimized 4x4. Adventure awaits!


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